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What I Hope Is Not a Farewell Message!

by Julie Broad

In some ways I fear this could be a farewell message …

For nearly two years I have been lazy and scared … I first set my blog up on wordpress not knowing anything about blogs and ever since then I have allowed wordpress to host this blog. But, I am missing out on so many things like a simple blogroll or even statistics about the clicks and visitors to my blog by not hosting the blog with my own host. And so many readers have requested a Retweet button for Twitter or other easy ways to share their favourite posts with others and I can’t do that with the program the way it is today. So on this 4 Year Anniversary of our Rev N You Newsletter I decided it’s time we finally got brave and made the move … but I still worry that it will all be gone after I push the button …

Many of my fellow bloggers have assured me that it will be ok when I make the switch. If it doesn’t work out you will find me over at Good Faith Investing causing a ruckus because it’s really Shae that has assured me the most that it will be ok. Although Greg at The Wholesale Knockout King made it sound easy too so I might be on his blog making angry noises too.

But assuming all goes well and you’re still able to read this I wanted to share some of the other things I’ve written lately.

I welcome your comments, questions and concerns right here or on the host blogs.

Also … I am pretty excited about the calendar of events I have lined up for the month of May so I wanted to share that with you too. But first, a few of the other places you can find me this month:

Let’s Talk About Success Baby

A simple message about success I shared with the Bigger Pockets readers … and if you’re a Salt N Pepa or Hip Hop music fan I think you’ll really like it.

Marketing Your Way to More Money

An important message about marketing and real estate investing that I shared with the readers of Mark Loeffler’s blog The Versatile Investor. Mark’s most recent claim to fame is a writing one of the current Top 100 Best Selling Business Books “Rent To Own Real Estate Investing”.

Manslaughter and a Crackhouse: How my Husband Became a Real Estate Investor

The story of Dave’s early investments in Niagara Falls, ON as we both learned some really important real estate investing lessons.

Also … if you’re in Canada … check out my latest article in Canadian Real Estate Magazine. I’m pretty proud of the article that was published there this month called: Managing Your Property Manager. I wish they had links to their articles but alas … you’ll have to hit the newstands to read it. It’s on page 48.

I also wanted to share a public and gigantic Thank You to fellow real estate investor and blogger Neil Uttamsingh of First Rental Property. When I first started writing for Bigger Pockets he wrote a really awesome blog post about my inclusion in the Bigger Pockets team … and coming from one of the only Canadian real estate investing blogs that has a place in my RSS feed it meant a lot to me!! So thank you Neil!! Read that post here: Bigger Pockets Just Got Bigger.

There’s lots more stuff kicking around the internet from me these days but I figure that’s probably enough to keep you guys busy for the weekend. 🙂

Now … mark your calendars because we have a great line up of events planned and all but one of them are free to you!!

  • May 4th: I’m speaking at the Nanaimo Real Estate Investing Club about farming for real estate leads … I’ll be talking about our yellow letter campaign, our bus bench ads and some of the other marketing we’re doing to generate new real estate deal leads. Anyone can attend. It’s $10 at the door.
  • May 5th: We’re having a teleseminar with Philip McKernan, author of South of 49. If you’re a Canadian interested in buying real estate in the US then this is going to be a call you won’t want to miss. And honestly, having read Philip’s book, I know there will be gold nuggets ALL real estate investors can use. And the call is our gift to you … so watch the blog and our newsletter for more details.
  • May 19th: Government Deal Funding with Sean Carpenter. This webinar is for our US readers. One of THE most recommended programs and webinars I have ever come across … Sean’s program fills a massive void in the  market right now as he is teaching how to use government programs to fund your real estate deals. In this webinar Sean reveals some of the ways you can uncover government funding programs that are available to you and introduce you to tax credits and developers fees and so much more.
  • June 1st: We’re going to be chatting with Jim Sheils and Brian Scrone of Jacksonville Real Estate Wealth. These two guys have quickly become two of my favourite real estate investors in North America and I can’t wait to introduce Rev N You readers to them and to their simple but effective investing systems.

We’ll have more details and sign up information on all the events right here in the coming weeks … and, of course, from our real estate investing newsletter!!

All right … wish me luck … hope you’re still able to read this message by the end of today!! 😀


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Battle of the Real Estate Investing Blogs is Heating Up

First of all, thank you to everyone that has taken the time to vote in the Battle of the REI Blogs 2009! I have been absolutely overwhelmed at the incredible support and positive comments you have made about Rev N You and our content! And, you’ve inspired us to  provide even better content and resources to help you as a real estate investor! Thank you!

But – the battle is not over!! The competitors are proving to be very creative and they are coming to battle with very strong followings. While I am holding on to a very slim lead at the moment, there’s a full day left in the battle so I NEED YOU!!

And in case the first 5 reasons to vote for me weren’t enough, I’ve decided to give you a 6th reason to vote for me and help me win this battle:

So please head on over to MustKnowInvesting.com and place your vote in the 2009 Battle of the REI Blogs.

All you have to do is place a comment at the very bottom of the page saying that you vote for Julie Broad. There is no opt in required. It’s very simple and it will only take you about 20 seconds… although I do encourage you to check out the other bloggers after you vote. The other people in this contest deliver fantastic content in their space and are very worthy competitors in the battle!

Thank you for your support!

Your vote will help me win the Battle of the REI Blogs - and when I do I will donate $500 to an animal shelter in BC

When I win the Battle of the REI Blogs I will donate $500 to a BC animal shelter


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It’s an all out real estate investing blog war

My friend Patrick Riddle is hosting a battle of the real estate investing blogs competition over at his blog and I need your help!! Please place your vote for my blog! All you have to do is type who your favourite blogger is in the Comment section at the bottom of the MustKnowInvesting.com page!

5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For My Real Estate Investing Blog

And… in case supporting me and our blogging efforts, and the 5 reasons I gave you above aren’t enough, the winning blogger gets to award 5 of their voters (could be YOU) a FREE Private Money Blueprint Home Study System (Valued at $697 a piece)!

Sooooo, I need your help! I’m up against the cream of the crop, the A- List of real estate investing bloggers and need your vote …

Click Here to Cast Your Vote

And after you’ve placed your vote please do check out the other bloggers participating. The overall premise of the contest is to “get to know” the best of the best real estate investing bloggers and connect with them through social media.

When you head over to the main contest page, you’ll see that each blogger participating has a profile that includes a link to their blog and links to their social media profile pages.

And for all you Twitterers out there, there’s a “Tweet About Your Fav Blogger” link too … sooooo it’s easy to get the word out to all your followers about your favorite blogger (hopefully that’s yours truly) and the contest!

Now, get on over to cast your vote in the “Battle of the REI Blogs” (just type who your favourite blogger is at the bottom of that page – I hope it’s ME!!)

Thanks for your support!


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