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3 Real Estate Investing Calculations You Must Know

by Dave Peniuk

As part of our 31 Real Estate Investing Videos series I put together this short little video on 3 real estate investing calculations you gotta know!! These are calculations I see plenty of realtors, real estate investors and media reporters getting wrong…  and yet, they are critical to know and understand.

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What are some of the real e state investing calculations YOU use? Let us know in the comments below!


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What the Numbers on a Real Estate Deal Won’t Show

We don’t mean to pick on get rich quick real estate investing courses … but some of the things they teach are total garbage. In the program I took years ago the instructor placed a heavy emphasis on the numbers … GRM, Cash on Cash Return, and other numbers were all they talked about. It was all about the cash in and the cash out.

The return and your cashflow are definitely important concerns as a real estate investor however focusing on JUST the numbers can cause you to miss some other important things you should watch for when looking for great investment properties. In this short video, I explain further:

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