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What I Hope Is Not a Farewell Message!

by Julie Broad

In some ways I fear this could be a farewell message …

For nearly two years I have been lazy and scared … I first set my blog up on wordpress not knowing anything about blogs and ever since then I have allowed wordpress to host this blog. But, I am missing out on so many things like a simple blogroll or even statistics about the clicks and visitors to my blog by not hosting the blog with my own host. And so many readers have requested a Retweet button for Twitter or other easy ways to share their favourite posts with others and I can’t do that with the program the way it is today. So on this 4 Year Anniversary of our Rev N You Newsletter I decided it’s time we finally got brave and made the move … but I still worry that it will all be gone after I push the button …

Many of my fellow bloggers have assured me that it will be ok when I make the switch. If it doesn’t work out you will find me over at Good Faith Investing causing a ruckus because it’s really Shae that has assured me the most that it will be ok. Although Greg at The Wholesale Knockout King made it sound easy too so I might be on his blog making angry noises too.

But assuming all goes well and you’re still able to read this I wanted to share some of the other things I’ve written lately.

I welcome your comments, questions and concerns right here or on the host blogs.

Also … I am pretty excited about the calendar of events I have lined up for the month of May so I wanted to share that with you too. But first, a few of the other places you can find me this month:

Let’s Talk About Success Baby

A simple message about success I shared with the Bigger Pockets readers … and if you’re a Salt N Pepa or Hip Hop music fan I think you’ll really like it.

Marketing Your Way to More Money

An important message about marketing and real estate investing that I shared with the readers of Mark Loeffler’s blog The Versatile Investor. Mark’s most recent claim to fame is a writing one of the current Top 100 Best Selling Business Books “Rent To Own Real Estate Investing”.

Manslaughter and a Crackhouse: How my Husband Became a Real Estate Investor

The story of Dave’s early investments in Niagara Falls, ON as we both learned some really important real estate investing lessons.

Also … if you’re in Canada … check out my latest article in Canadian Real Estate Magazine. I’m pretty proud of the article that was published there this month called: Managing Your Property Manager. I wish they had links to their articles but alas … you’ll have to hit the newstands to read it. It’s on page 48.

I also wanted to share a public and gigantic Thank You to fellow real estate investor and blogger Neil Uttamsingh of First Rental Property. When I first started writing for Bigger Pockets he wrote a really awesome blog post about my inclusion in the Bigger Pockets team … and coming from one of the only Canadian real estate investing blogs that has a place in my RSS feed it meant a lot to me!! So thank you Neil!! Read that post here: Bigger Pockets Just Got Bigger.

There’s lots more stuff kicking around the internet from me these days but I figure that’s probably enough to keep you guys busy for the weekend. 🙂

Now … mark your calendars because we have a great line up of events planned and all but one of them are free to you!!

  • May 4th: I’m speaking at the Nanaimo Real Estate Investing Club about farming for real estate leads … I’ll be talking about our yellow letter campaign, our bus bench ads and some of the other marketing we’re doing to generate new real estate deal leads. Anyone can attend. It’s $10 at the door.
  • May 5th: We’re having a teleseminar with Philip McKernan, author of South of 49. If you’re a Canadian interested in buying real estate in the US then this is going to be a call you won’t want to miss. And honestly, having read Philip’s book, I know there will be gold nuggets ALL real estate investors can use. And the call is our gift to you … so watch the blog and our newsletter for more details.
  • May 19th: Government Deal Funding with Sean Carpenter. This webinar is for our US readers. One of THE most recommended programs and webinars I have ever come across … Sean’s program fills a massive void in the  market right now as he is teaching how to use government programs to fund your real estate deals. In this webinar Sean reveals some of the ways you can uncover government funding programs that are available to you and introduce you to tax credits and developers fees and so much more.
  • June 1st: We’re going to be chatting with Jim Sheils and Brian Scrone of Jacksonville Real Estate Wealth. These two guys have quickly become two of my favourite real estate investors in North America and I can’t wait to introduce Rev N You readers to them and to their simple but effective investing systems.

We’ll have more details and sign up information on all the events right here in the coming weeks … and, of course, from our real estate investing newsletter!!

All right … wish me luck … hope you’re still able to read this message by the end of today!! 😀


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The Best of 2009 at Rev N You Multi-Media Style!

by Julie Broad

I sat here for nearly an hour trying to figure out how I could best recap an entire year of new adventures, new challenges and new friendships and I decided the absolute best way I could do this was to feature one single article, video, or post from each month. In most cases it will be the most viewed item of that particular month but in some cases … well … it just might be my personal favourite… and you can tell me in the comments if I missed something or if you would have picked something else!! All right… here we go…


Property management is not something I enjoy … at all. And Dave shared the story about how we both concluded that I was not well suited for it. Nor did I feel it was a good use of my time … and it does require time to effectively manage a property! This really resonated with people as we continue to receive emails from our newsletter subscribers who say they really related to how I felt in the situation!

8 Ways To Know You Should Hire a Property Manager


For us, the most exciting thing was that we began to roll out our new real estate investing course. As we welcomed students into our program we also got a lot of emails asking about our program. Most people  wanted to know if our program would help them start real estate investing even though they don’t have money. Our program covers that … we’ve done many deals where we invest very little of our own money into the deal … but these people weren’t just concerned about buying real estate with no money… they wanted to make millions FAST without spending much time or any money to do so.

We had to write a lot of letters of apology saying that we’re all out of magic buttons. But if they find someone with a functioning magic button we too would like one because so far what we’ve found works very well, but there’s definitely work involved. And the wealth and financial freedom with our method does not happen overnight.

Our dose of reality was swallowed with mixed responses … after all those guys on the infomercials and free seminars sell easy money and fast retirement so there are still people out there looking for it … and it does seem to work for a few people, but we’re realistic. We tell the truth… and the truth is that real estate investing creates massive wealth over time. And real estate investing is simple but it’s not easy!!

Anyway… this one spreadsheet Dave created and shared received a TON of feedback both in our blog and by email. It was in response to a potential students request for a plan to create $20,000 in passive income in five years.

Our response and the spreadsheet we created was not welcomed with open arms by the person who wrote to us. Needless to say they did not sign up for our program but that is ok. We’re not selling hype. And in fact the spreadsheet Dave created is a bit optimistic for many folks but we believe it is still very realistic. You absolutely could do much better than the plan Dave lays out in the Outline for Creating $20,000 in Passive Income in 5-7 Years … but we’re trying to show you what is realistically possible.


A surprise winner for the entire year… not just the month of March … is the blog post we threw together after helping our soon to be married friends and now expecting parents Cam and April prepare for the purchase of their new home. And they certainly did well to buy when they did and with the extras they negotiated in. And this post… all about the things to negotiate with a builder when buying a new home continues to be the most viewed post on our blog month after month.

Upgrades to Negotiate with a Builder When Buying a New Home in Today's Market



Our Rev N You with Real Estate Newsletter celebrated it’s 3rd Birthday!! It’s hard to believe we’ve been writing our newsletter for over 3 years… and as our newsletter was now in it’s fourth official month of being a real live online business, I was heading down to Austin for Part 2 of a mentoring program put on by Keith Cunningham. And it’s from the teachings of Keith that I put together my thoughts around one of my favourite articles of 2009:

The Danger of Pursuing Passive Income


May reminded me once again why I refuse to let Dave get us into flipping properties. After a second month of vacancy was looming at a duplex of ours in Nanaimo we decided to tackle some much needed upgrades and repairs. My brother Wes had just lost his job because the company he was working for went out of business. But thankfully, both he and my other brother Dan are carpenters and are within an hour or so drive of the property so we figured it was a good time to tackle the project, get some family labour and get the place rented.

Well… we had it rented before we even finished… but the job was twice as long, twice as expensive and twice as labour intensive as we figured reminding me once again why I refuse to flip houses for profit!

(We wrote several blog posts on the renovation… check those out here: Rental Property Renovations, Rental Property Renovations Continued)


Best teleseminar of the year was with James A. Randel

Put simply… June was pretty crazy as Dave was away fishing for Halibut and I went to Florida … but around that we interviewed two really interesting authors: William Lederer and James Randel. I think James Randel was our best teleseminar all year.


As we worked on buying a couple of properties in Kelowna, BC we learned another lesson about pricing risk into your deals. We also met the most responsive, hard working and reliable realtor we have ever worked with in our lives in Kelowna – Brenda Bachmann. We can’t say enough about how wonderful it is to have her on our team!


We attended the wedding of our friends Cam and April in Newfoundland. There’s plenty of things I could share about this particular month (viewers of our Real Estate Millionaire Video Series know what I am talking about – as our vacation was rudely interupted by the almost crumbling of two deals we were working on at the time… oh fickle fickle lenders how thee ruined our trip) but I will stick to the most interesting experience we had… and our third most watched YouTube video of 2009:

Newfoundland Screech in and Kissing the Cod Ceremony


We attended Engage Today 2009 where we saw Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama, Stephen Covey and many other incredible minds from around the world. We have never attended any event so life changing, inspirational and influential. I don’t think a single person who was there would disagree with us on this. We can’t wait to share the virtual experience with you – which is going to be available in late January.

(My favourite post about Engage Today is actually: Chase the Vision Not the Money).


I was crowned the winner of MustKnowInvesting.Com’s Battle of the REI Blogs 2009!

Thank you – again – to everyone that voted for me! And also to Patrick Riddle for hosting the battle. It was so much fun, and I am pleased to say that thanks to the battle I have new friends in Steph Davis, Shae Bynes, Susan Lyons, Ron Mead and JP Moses

Here’s my victory video:


It’s tough to pick just one thing from November …  we were in Florida for nearly two weeks. I actually had dinner with Michael  Masterson … one of the people that has played a really big role in shaping me as a business person and investor.  So, to be able to sit down with him and only a few other folks, over dinner was something that I could not skip as a November highlight. But I also had the chance to learn a networking tip from the king of connections Larry Benet, and we filmed a little video on the South Florida market with Shae Bynes of So… what to pick?! Your favourite was actually the article I wrote on the Three Things I Learned from Michael Masterson … so there it is!


The month of December really seemed to be spent working with our 12 Months to $1 Million club members… and one of the subjects that keeps coming up is Rent to Own deals … so we created this little podcast from one of our group coaching calls and shared it with everyone. The response has been incredibly positive so that was definitely the winner… and our little membership program has also been a winner. We have just under 100 members in the club and we’re having so much fun with them! We’ve had calls on joint venture partnerships, the #2 secret to buying $1 Million in rental property in just 12 months and we’ve been sharing videos and special reports with them… it’s been really fun and we’re planning some additions and upgrades to the program in 2010!!

So that was 2009… in pictures, videos and blog posts!!

We are really looking forward to 2010! We’ve got some pretty ambitious plans to help you out with your real estate investing and hopefully some things to interest and entertain you as well!

So… what did I miss? What was your favourite article, blog post or video we did in 2009? And what do you want to see in 2010?? We would love to hear from you!!


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Flavour of the Year in South Florida Real Estate?

by Dave Peniuk

I find myself all excited by the prospect of buying real estate in Florida. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s a pain to get to from Vancouver, the insurance on properties is really high, and the taxes are painfully steep for an out of state buyer I might actually have done more than just look at books, pictures and listing sheets on my recent trip. The fact is, I like it there, and it’s easy to get excited by South Florida real estate because it seems like it’s ‘on sale’.

Even on a windy day I think South Florida is beautiful

Julie and I have been there 4 times over the past 2+ years, not for vacations, but rather for various conferences we’ve attended.

And while it would’ve been nice to have enjoyed all the spectacular beaches, Mexican and Cuban restaurants and fun dance clubs to get a real feel for SoFlo (I don’t know if that has been termed before, but I am officially calling it SoFlo!), we still have had some time to enjoy all the eclectic areas from South Beach all the way up to Delray Beach.

But the one thing that excites me the most is the “sale” of Florida real estate.

Now, to be frank, there are still a derth of high end luxury homes all across the South Florida real estate market. There are $1MM, $2MM, $5MM, and even $15MM homes all across this area of Florida. It makes my hometown of Vancouver (largely considered one of the most expensive places to live in the world) seem like a bargain! But what I am finding now is that the “affordable” places are now pretty darn cheap in comparison to 2 years ago (Oct 2007) when we first visited this lovely place.

After scanning through “The Real Estate Book” and “Homes & Land of the Palm Beaches” – two free magazines that show you all the deals, foreclosures, preforeclosures and now SHORT SALES available across Palm Beach County – I have found a considerable number of affordable bungalows, townhomes and condos all in decent areas (from my little research I have conducted) and many only a hop, skip, and a jump from the beach.

<This was confirmed when we met with Shae Bynes of Good Faith Investing. Check out the video Julie filmed with Shae.>

The other interesting finding I observed from leafing through these listings magazines is the number of times that “short sale” is used in the listing!

Two years ago when we first started looking at real estate in SoFlo, you rarely saw the phrase short sale in these magazines.

You saw terms like “pre-foreclosure”, “bank owned”, and “REO”, now, the realtors can’t get enough of short sales. My favourite use of the phrase is “priced as a short sale”.

Oh, and there are Short Sale Specialists now! Now, forgive me for being ignorant (we don’t have short sales in Canada), but have short sales not been around for many years? Why is it that it’s all the rage now (I guess because banks/lenders are more willing to entertain it as there are more borrowers under-water than ever before – oh, I guess I answered my own question!)?

So What Is the Difference between a Short Sale & A Foreclosure?

I had to ask JP Moses over at REI Tips to make sure I didn’t steer you wrong … and he said:

A short sale is in essence a lender agreeing to settle for less than what’s owed on a property.  In order to approve of it, the lender would have to be convinced it’s in their own best interests to do so.  Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t.

Basically a preforeclosure seller gets a buyer (often an investor) who’s willing to buy but is only willing to pay $X, which is less than the mortgage balance.  The owner and potential buyer then make their case that it’s in everyone’s best interest (including the bank’s) to go ahead and let the property sell now for a discount than to foreclose and let it become a negative asset for an extended period of time as an REO.  If they bank agrees and the stars align, then a short sale is approved.  The seller will typically get either a 1099a or a deficiency judgment for the amount of the discount granted.

This would all take place prior to the actual foreclosure, while the property’s still in pre-foreclosure status.  Once the foreclosure sale takes place, a short sale isn’t possible – the bank already owns the property and it would move towards being liquidated as an REO.

I can’t wait to see the next HGTV show called: “Susan and Sam – Short Salers from South Beach“. It will last for about 1 season, then the real estate market (and lagging news reporters and media) will find some new term/phrase/new fantastic-never-done-before-strategy that will come to a television set near you! Okay, I digress.

The point I am trying to make, although in a very round about way, is that real estate is not a phase, it’s not a fancy multi-million dollar making “hip” strategy, it’s not what any of these television shows, news reporters, or even realtors considered “on sale now” and the “best opportunity in your lifetime”, it’s an investment that needs to be researched, planned, and taken care of.

And while the SoFlo market could be considered “on sale” at least when compared to the past several years, please don’t think that just by buying something called “priced as a short sale” means you are going to flip that property for $50,000 profit within 2 months UNLESS you know what a real deal looks like and you know what you’re doing.

There is a never-ending barrage of real estate guru’s who tell you they can teach you how to make thousands if not millions in these quick, easy, simple, “passive” real estate strategies. But don’t be fooled. You won’t make a crapload of money just by reading a book or attending one seminar. But you might make a lot of money if you actually “work” at what you are learning. As Julie and I always say, real estate investing is simple, but it’s not easy.

So, when you get all excited about the “cheap” real estate out there. Whether it’s in SoFlo, California, Las Vegas, or anywhere in between, just remember you have to work at it if you want it to be a real investment.

And now that I am back in Vancouver, I’m content to continue shopping for real estate in my local markets. The weather isn’t as warm and there aren’t as many lovely beaches but at least I won’t have to spend 12 hours traveling to see the properties!

If you would like to learn more about real estate investing in the Florida market we highly recommend you check out our blogging pals Steph Davis and Shae Bynes. We think you’ll really like their deal updates and other great posts they share over at their blogs!

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4 of 5 Private Money Blueprint Winners … Will You Be #5?

by Julie Broad

When I was crowned the Battle of the REI Blogs Champion I wasn’t the only winner!

I was given 5 Private Money Blueprint programs that I could give away to people that voted for me! That is not a small prize my f riends. Private money is a critical piece to the real estate investing puzzle these days. We’ve always used private money to help us with financing parts of our deals but these days it’s often the absolute best (and sometimes only) source of reasonably priced financing you’ll find. So this prize is something that can really help you!!

So… we went through all the votes we received in the contest and randomly drew from the voters. We  selected 5 winners … but one of the winners has failed to claim their prize so we’ve decided to give it away to one of our valued Rev N You readers!! Here’s how you can win a copy… (by the way … it sells for $697 and really it’s actually worth way more than that. By following the tips, resources, and advice in the program could help finance or complete your next deal! And learn how to save the effort and paperwork that a bank requires!).

To enter the contest for a copy of the Private Money Blueprint:

Post a comment at the bottom telling us what you want to achieve and how the Private Money Blueprint program will help you reach your goal!

It’s simple … a sentence or two will do. We just want to make sure that you’ll use this program. We’ll get Patrick Riddle to select his favourite 5 entries and then we’ll randomly draw from those 5.

DEADLINE: November 24th at 5pm EST

At that time Patrick will make his selections and we’ll do the random draw. We’ll announce the winner on November 27th here on the blog.

Sound good?


<drum roll please……………..>



Brian Dolan of Owen Sound, ON, Canada

Zimbabwe Real Estate Millionaire Student Monica Mutuma

The other two winners were camera shy... Murray from Point Roberts, WA, USA and Sam Ahmadi from Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Congratulations to the winners!

And – thanks again to everyone who voted me in as the Champion of the 2009 Battle of the REI Blogs!!

We will be presenting the SPCA Biscuit Fund with a $500 donation very soon!! Stay tuned…

Now… head on down to place your entry for your own copy of the Private Money Blueprint!! You have until the 24th of November to be entered to win!!


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Battle of the REI Blogs 2009 Champion

We won! We won! We won!

You can check out all of the comments and results over at Must Know Investing

For now, I just want to give a big shout out to the other 4 bloggers that made up the Top 5 in this contest:

In second place, Ron Mead kept us hopping over here all week. I have a feeling he didn’t have to try that hard to get the strong showing that he had, so we’re going to have to train hard to hold onto this title in 2010. He’s now threatening to get involved with Social Media so that he can really drum up votes next year. <Gulp!>

In third place, my new friend Steph Davis came on strong with a loyal following that really rallied behind her in the last day to put her in the top 3. And her dog Jim and our dog Bram have become fast friends. It’s too bad we’re so far apart being on totally opposite ends of North America from each other or the two dogs would probably really be best friends. I know Bram and I will be checking out her blog on a very regular basis and I think you should too – you’ll love it.

In fourth place, the formidable JP Moses held third for most of the contest until Steph pushed him out on the last day. Judging by the awesome comments he received in the votes, I think his blog is worth paying attention to. I know we’ll be visiting it on a regular basis.

Finally, in fifth place, my new dancing partner Susan Lassiter-Lyons put in a strong showing, and also brought in some incredibly strong comments from her audience. Judging by some of the comments from her readers I think you should definitely jump on any teleseminars or webinars that she hosts. 😉

And, of course, a special mention to Patrick Riddle for putting so much time and effort into this contest. It’s been such a fantastic week and we’ve really enjoyed meeting so many new people… both the bloggers and the new readers!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Rev N You in this contest!!!

And now for the really exciting news… 5 of the people who voted for us will be awarded a copy of the Private Money Blueprint!!

So, we have to go through the voters and select the winners. If you have ideas or suggestions about how we should choose, or you just want to tell us why one of the five copies should be yours please let me know!! We want to sort that out in the next day or so!!

And if you’re new here, we invite you to subscribe to our free real estate investing newsletter as we don’t always publish all our stories and articles to our blog and website. Sometimes we just share certain things with our readers… and we’d love to have you as part of our Rev N You family.

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Third Place in this week’s Carnival of Real Estate

This post could also be called asleep at the wheel! Julie always tells me when our articles appear in places other than on our own website and blog. With her away and not in front of her computer constantly, we both nearly missed the fact that this week’s Carnival of Real Estate hosted by The Laguna Niguel Real Estate Finder had awarded us 3rd place. Thank goodness Julie is home again!! Not only is she walking the dog in the morning again, but she’s also pointing these important things out to me!

We’re honoured to be mentioned, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be awarded one of the top places! Check out this week’s carnival of real estate and you will see all of the other great submissions that were sent in!

Special thanks to Lisa Cooper at The Laguna Niguel Real Estate Finder for hosting this week’s carnival and recognizing and appreciating our work!

For more information on upcoming carnivals go to the Carnival of Real Estate website.


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Real Estate Investing with Rent Controls

Latest Real Estate Investing Article written for Early to Rise

Sign Up for Our Free Real Estate Investing Newsletter

Sign Up for Our Free Real Estate Investing Newsletter

Many real estate investors in North America don’t have to worry about rent controls. The majority of areas in Canada and the U.S. are not restricted with rent controls, but somehow we have managed to buy all of our properties in rent controlled areas.

Most of the time, it’s not really an issue for us. But, it is something to be aware of when you’re shopping for real estate. If you find a good property with tenants that are paying rent that is significantly beneath the market rates, you may think you’ve found a great deal. It’s easy to get excited thinking about how much more rent you can generate from that property, but the reality is a bit different if it’s rent controlled. You can’t just raise their rent or even just kick them out to rent it for a higher rate. And, if the tenants are paying quite a bit below market, you can be assured that they know it and aren’t going to move unless they have to.

As I said, rent controls don’t impact all of the areas. In Canada there are only a couple of provinces that have rent controls and in the U.S. there are only a few cities and states with rent controls, but it’s important to know what you’re dealing with, and get a few pointers about dealing with what we call the Landlord’s Arch Nemesis: Rent Control. In the article I wrote for Early to Rise, I’ve given 4 tips for dealing with rent controls as a real estate investor.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve been an investor in an area with rent controls. Did it impact you? How’d you deal with it?


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