Quick and Easy Property Valuation for British Columbian Real Estate Investors

by Julie Broad

In my post about Breaking Even Over Time I wrote about a few cool things we learned at the real estate investing conference we attended a couple of weekends ago. One of those cool things is the Property Valuator report from Landcor. This report was worth the entire day we spent in that conference because we had no idea it had launched this month and it’s already saving us a ton of time!

After sending out nearly 6,000 little yellow letters to home owners in Nanaimo, putting bus bench ads up, and slowly spreading our marketing message around the City of Nanaimo through plenty of mediums, we have been getting a lot of calls. And one of the big challenges we face is getting good property comparables fast. This report solves that problem in a big way!

In 60 seconds I can have this report sent to my email containing a computer generated property valuation, recent sale data for the area, assessment data and details on 3 comparable properties.

I created a 4 minute video introducing you to the Landcor report. Sorry about all the blurred out spots but the terms of use state that the report is not to be disseminated, sold or otherwise used for any purpose at all really … so I hope by covering up the majority of address data I’m mostly in compliance. Thank you for understanding and putting up with the blurred bits!!

Enjoy …

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6 responses to “Quick and Easy Property Valuation for British Columbian Real Estate Investors

  1. LindaJ

    What a great resource!

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  3. I wish the blurs weren’t so prevalent… But this is an amazing tool!

  4. Thanks Linda and Home Mortgage!
    Yes, I know, the blurs are a bit of a pain … when I was scrolling through the report on the video I didn’t realize what a pain it would be to have to remove the address details later on.

    Lesson learned for me in the future!!

    But it is a great report!! I love it.

  5. Rick

    I’m with the other commentor – the blurs were a bit much at times. That said I had not heard of this report and I know it will come in useful as I live and buy in BC too. I think there will be some home owners out there that aren’t happy to find out the kind of information people could run on their home simply by inputting the address though.

    As always Julie – really great information here. You guys really do a good service.

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