Passive Income for Life

by Julie Broad

I don’t believe there is such a thing as passive income from real estate … the reality is that you have to stay actively involved in your real estate investments. Passive means you can do nothing and make money; if you do nothing eventually things will fall apart. Even if you’ve hired a property manager to oversee your properties for you, it’s still important to spend a few hours a month checking over the details of what is happening at each property. It’s starting to become my mantra, but it’s true: nobody loves your money like you do.

So there is no such thing as passive income … but I do believe there is such a thing as building a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio in your spare time. I believe that because we did it. In as little as 5-10 hours/month most months, we built up a multi million dollar portfolio that enabled us to leave our jobs 7 years after we began investing. And compared to many investors I know, we were slow.

Slow or not, I know it’s possible to create another stream of income for yourself that doesn’t take too much time to manage … and if you want to learn how one guy built a good solid income for himself in a niche that most investors won’t touch then you must listen in on tonight’s “Six Figures With Student Housing” webinar tonight with Doug Fath.

Doug’s a 28 year old real estate investor who is living off his $106,000 per year in positive cash flow from his student rentals. He’s fresh from a 3 month vacation with his girlfriend and sharing all his best investing secrets. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Doug over the last couple of months, and I am really excited to introduce him to Rev N You readers. He knows his stuff and he’s dedicated to his students success.

Not everything he’s teaching works in Canada, and his guaranteed funding is not offered internationally, but the fundamental strategies he is teaching are good. And you have Doug’s commitment (and mine) that if you’re Canadian and you sign up for his course, and you follow the instructions to find deals that meet his criteria, we’ll do whatever we can to help you get your deals done.

And, really, even if you aren’t interested in his program if you only come away from the free webinar with one good idea it was worth your time! I KNOW there will be more than one good idea!! I’ll be listening to learn as well!

PLUS – he’s giving away a full scholarship to his program. If you’re on the call you’re entered to win … so join the call … get a few awesome tips, learn about what he’s doing, check out his program, and get a chance to win a full ride scholarship in his student housing program!!

If you sit in on the call feel free to post comments and questions here. I am happy to have an open discussion about his webinar, what he’s offering and student housing in general. I feel pretty confident that some people are perfectly suited for this niche … and will make a lot of money buying and renting student houses. But I also feel that no matter how easy Doug makes it sound, it’s going to take some hard work, patience and serious dedication to build a portfolio that produces enough income to free you up to take a 3 month vacation. I think that goes for every single real estate niche there is … but that is a discussion for another day. For now … check out the webinar if you’re interested!!


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5 responses to “Passive Income for Life

  1. Right off the bat I have to question this. He says he has $3 million in real estate and is making about $106 000 a year. That’s about 3.5% ROI. Surely that capital can be put to better use, no?

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I am pretty sure that he hasn’t invested $3,000,000 himself and I am also pretty sure he doesn’t own those properties free and clear … in other words… what might actually be $500,000 in equity in those properties (or less!!) is generating a very nice return. It’s also giving him some lovely tax benefits. That is the beauty of real estate without a doubt.

    But you’re right … if he owned $3,ooo,ooo free and clear and was only putting $100k in his pocket each year then that is not working out so well for him!! Totally agree!!
    – Julie

  3. LindaJ

    I’m working towards buying a vacation home in the US and that’s my focus right now. I am not really interested in most of the programs people are promoting these days – too much hype. They made a zillion dollars in 6 months by just pressing this single button … that sort of thing. I actually am looking forward to Doug’s presentation though. He seems like a real guy with a real story. Not sure I want to get into student housing but I do want to hear what he has to say. Thanks for telling me about him.

  4. I’m with LindaJ on the number of courses that have proliferated across the internet espousing quick wealth with little work. As mentioned, I think Doug has specialized has investing which makes it more powerful. As does anyone who specializes.

    I have to say though, the DCR numbers that he is using in his promo videos to actually provide financing to properties that other investors are bringing him are great. I would finance them too, if I was him.

  5. Hi qmanrei! I haven’t seen you around lately! I hope things are going well for you!!

    The numbers Doug guarantees funding on are going to be tough to find in Canada … but at least with those numbers it makes sense to me why he can in fact guarantee your funding!!

    His specialty is interesting. He definitely has found a good niche for himself and for others to learn from.

    Thanks for stopping by! Always good to see you here!

    Have a great week!

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