But You’re Lucky Because

by Julie Broad

One of the things that really gets both of us rather heated is when someone we know says “Yes but you’re lucky because…” and they go on to say that we have lots of free time or we don’t have kids or we don’t have to go to work everyday so we’re able to do whatever it is they think they can’t do.

There are so many things about that sentence that upsets us. The biggest two things are the BUT and the word LUCKY.

The ‘but’ automatically discounts the person saying it. They clearly are making excuses as to why they can’t have whatever it is they want. They are blaming something else in their lives for the reason they aren’t the person they want to be when the only person they should look at is themselves!

The word ‘lucky’ lets them believe that it’s luck that has put us in the position we’re in not years of hard work, years of investing money instead of spending it, and making hard choices that eventually opened the door of opportunity for us to leave our jobs and begin living a more freedom filled life.

We didn’t arrive at this destination through luck and we will not get to our next point of success through luck.

We will get there through education, application, action and making choices that move us closer to that destination … even when it means working hard on a Sunday instead of chilling at the movies.

The good news is that this same formula will work for you. You can become the person you want to be living the life you want to lead but it’s very unlikely you’re going to get there by making excuses, thinking others are lucky, and being fearful of taking action.

Although … it is St. Patrick’s Day so perhaps you could rely on a little Irish Luck to get you something good today…

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9 responses to “But You’re Lucky Because

  1. Yes Chris … we’re lucky because we have friends like you!! 🙂

    (Just received an email from one of our friends saying: Haven’t finished reading yet….but…..yes, but you guys are lucky cause you have friends like us! See you tomorrow! )

  2. Julie, I immediately thought of Thomas Jefferson’s quote: “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

  3. Hi Julie,

    I think that many of us reading your post, are on the same page as you with regards to ‘luck’.

    Personally, I don’t believe that ‘luck’ exists.

    The harder an individuals works, the more opportunities they are creating for themselves.

    As soon as one of these opportunities flourishes into something worthwhile, people perceive this as being ‘luck’ or their ‘lucky break’.

    When in fact this is not ‘luck’, rather a product of their hard work…


    • This post was inspired by a conversation with had with someone who is a regular reader … I think you’d be surprised at how many people still believe that some people are lucky because of the success they’ve achieved. But yes, I do believe that you, and many other regular folks to this blog totally get that you actually create your own luck!!

      As always thanks for stopping by!! Have an awesome day.

  4. Rick

    We do create our own luck but I still can’t help but think that some folks really are lucky… it’s like they walk around with giant horseshoes up their …

    • I think I know what you’re saying Rick. I actually have an Aunt and Uncle that play Bingo all the time and they win 90% of the games they play. It’s not like there is a strategy to BINGO … at least not that I know of … so I think there has to be some serious luck on their side to win like that. But in general … luck is not a game of chance is a product of work. Ask any “overnight” sensation. Most of them probably were playing music since they were 2 or worked nights at a bar to put food on their table while studying acting for 8 years before they got a break.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Rick

    Isn’t that the truth!! Thanks Julie!!

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