The Thing You Should Know About Property Defects Before You Buy

by Julie Broad

Yup – I fell for it. I bought a condo in North York, Ontario on the second floor of a building, right above the lobby. I negotiated the price down because it didn’t have a balcony, it was only on the second floor and because I said that being above the lobby would make it noisier. And guess what?! I got a lower price because of these things … but so did the guy who bought it from me five years later … and guess what?! His reasons for paying substantially less than similar sized units in the building were selling for were EXACTLY the same reasons I’d used when I bought it five years before.

In this video I explain what exactly went wrong …

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3 responses to “The Thing You Should Know About Property Defects Before You Buy

  1. Rochelle

    Hello Julie
    I’m a newbie and I have been trying to find my way in this real estate since I lost my job in 2008.I have been on every webinar you can imagine.Thinking I could get enough info to were I could start doing deals.Well needless to say I haven’t found my way I’m steal unemployed with very little income that I just start receiving from unemployment.It’s not enough to make my bills.I did get my LLC set up and my EIN#but now I’m just stuck with not knowing what next i need help and I can’t afford a coach or a mentor so can you please help me.Me and my family or truly struggling .I’m a 49yr old female I live in St.Louis I no this would change me and my family life for the rest of our life.We can have better housing to live in and be able to pay our bills.It’s hard every time the phone rings it’s a bill collector I’m just ready for a better way of living and I need someone who don’t mind helping me and my family to have a opportunity at a better life.

    • Hi Rochelle,
      Did you sign up for our newsletter?? Check that out and then email us your questions. We’re happy to help you out!
      Look forward to helping you!

  2. LindaJ

    Great video Julie. What a great point. Well… I’ve spent nearly an hour on your blog and need to get to my Saturday. Thank you for the really sincere and high quality information that you and Dave are putting out there. I will be back.

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