Real Estate Investing Lesson from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

by Julie Broad

“You have to sell it to the judges!! You don’t want to think it makes a difference but throwing your arms up in the air and celebrating your run can improve your score” the commentator was explaining as we watched the women’s moguls event on the first or second day of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. That’s just the way humans are … if you don’t believe it was a good run then the judges might see that and question their own thoughts about your run.

And … let’s face it … you gotta sell yourself and your deals every day as a real estate investor. And if you’re not doing a good job with your marketing then you probably aren’t bringing home the gold.

Marketing is one of my passions. I actually get excited to put up new ads to attract tenants or tenant buyers for a property we’ve bought. I enjoy strategizing about how we’ll attract new home seller leads and I really enjoy seeing what works and what doesn’t.

I don’t enjoy skulking around in the middle of the night putting up signs though. When I do that I feel like a criminal. And I can’t stay up late enough to do it when there is very little traffic so we end up doing it around 10pm when lots of people are coming home from their evenings out and man do I feel like such a bad person when a car comes along and Dave’s not done hammering in the last nail on the sign!!

I also don’t really like it that our latest yellow letter campaign has aroused so much suspicion and defensiveness that the police are politely asking us to stop because they are getting so many calls about it.

I also feel bad that many people get defensive when they receive our lovely little note expressing interest in buying their homes.

And that is where Tony Peters comes in. Tony Peters believes 100% in marketing your way to success as a real estate investor. He also believes that the strategies so many of us have been taught by various US based experts don’t really work in our market … and probably not in every market in the United States either.

Tomorrow I will actually give you an update on our campaign so you can understand exactly what we’ve done and the results we’re getting … but for today I want to tell you about Tony Peters…

Tony, an Edmonton based real estate investor,  has done somewhere close to 300 deals in the last decade!! And he has only gone to the bank to qualify for a mortgage once … and he attributes his success in a large part to their marketing efforts!! But he approached marketing in a very different way than we did and that’s what we’re anxious to learn from him.

We got on the phone with Tony last week and talked creative real estate investing Canadian style with him! It was such a pleasure to speak with him … and we’ve got that call for you right here … go ahead and have a listen to our call with Tony Peters!

We’re going to be attending Tony’s upcoming Creative Real Estate Investing workshop in Vancouver to learn all about their strategies and their MARKETING!!!

If you decide to go please make sure you let us know so we can catch up with you!! And if you’re going sign up before February 23rd using the code ‘Rev N You’ so that you can bring a guest free!! 🙂

p.s. I know the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics tie in was a bit weak but I’ve been trying SO HARD to figure out how I can write about the Olympics … I wanted to write a post called OWN THE PODIUM OR AT LEAST THE LAND IT SITS ON or GOING FOR GOLD AS A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR but I really had nothing to say about those subjects … I just liked the title. GO CANADA GO!!!


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10 responses to “Real Estate Investing Lesson from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

  1. I feel your pain with putting out signs and feeling like a loser/criminal. Unfortunately, they are my very best source for buyer leads, so I continue to use them.

    I’m still amazed at the response you guys got from the yellow letter campaign. It’s interesting how different it is up there compared to the US. Between you and Neil, I’m getting a nice little education about Canadian real estate- thanks. 🙂

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  2. So many people say the signs work … they aren’t working for us yet but I think they work better with a specific property vs. general “we buy homes” advertising. I am not sure … haven’t found the formula that works for those yet but I will definitely put up signs for the 2 places we have now to see if a specific sign works better than the general sign. But I hate the sign posting stuff.

    It is surprising how different the US and Canadian cultures are sometimes. The reaction we are seeing is not unlike the reaction folks doing a similar campaign in Edmonton and even places in Ontario are getting … so it’s across Canada that people react differently not just my little corner of the country.

    Now… shouldn’t you and Jim be out celebrating your pre-birthday??? 🙂

  3. Hi Julie,

    I should have mentioned in my comment that I never had any luck with the “We Buy Houses” signs. Well, I shouldn’t say never, I guess- I did end up getting one wholesale deal out of them and making 4k, but that was after putting out literally thousands of signs. Totally not worth it in my book.

    For selling houses, though, they have been amazing. I have found more buyers and sold more houses from signs than any other marketing strategy, by far.

    I should also mention that I am putting my signs in lower income areas (the hood), where I don’t ever get any complaints from people about them. When I was putting them in nicer areas I used to get calls all the time from ticked off people telling me to take them down..

    One thing I wanted to ask you about Canada- do you guys have any mean people who live there? I have yet to meet a mean/rude Canadian. For real.

    Can’t wait to come visit!!!

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  5. Awesome points Steph!! And it’s good to know your results on the “we buy homes” signs. Also very good points about the areas where you post them up. The funny part is we put up a sign on a tree in Dave’s parents yard because it’s on a busy street in front of a school. His parents are in Arizona until March so we’re wondering if his Mom will call the number and complain about the sign when she gets home!! 🙂

    And yes … we have mean people that live here. They probably moved here from the US though. hahaha!! :p

    I can’t wait for you to visit too!!! Looking forward to hosting you and introducing you to Bram. 🙂

  6. …Canada JUST lost to The US in men’s hockey.



    I am excited to listen to your call with Tony Peters.
    I am going to check it out now…

    ps: I did not know that Tony had done that many deals. 300 is super impressive!

  7. I know Neil … that was so depressing. I am watching Days of Thunder now to take my mind off of it. Nothing like fast cars, big crashes and a young Tom Cruise to take my mind off the loss.

    Tony said they lost count around 250 I believe … so I figured 300 wasn’t a big stretch … but I did make that number up. 🙂 Enjoy the call. He gives some good tips … especially close to the end of the call there are some really good pieces of advice.

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  9. Your comments are right on the money. Your personal brand is what your business is all about and your signs, your ads, your fliers, your TV/Radio/Web marketing are all pieces of a very big puzzle that builds that brand. So many agents just feel the signs bring in the clients, but it is so much more. Remember you are always building a personal brand, and you need to use all the tools at your disposal to achieve that goal. Good read…enjoyed it.

  10. Dear Julie,
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