No Money Down Real Estate Investing Canadian Style

by Dave Peniuk

You might remember in the fall, when I was away on a commercial halibut fishing trip with my Dad, Julie signed me and her Dad up to go to Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn real estate investing program.

We had just closed on 2 new properties and it had been a giant pain in the butt to get financing for those deals. She thought it was time we shook it up a bit and learned some new techniques. Plus, the more we know the easier it is to help our Rev N You with Real Estate Newsletter readers!!

The program led to us send out 5,500 direct mail letters, and in general, we hammered the city of Nanaimo with our marketing message.

It also led to the police calling us and the local newspaper running a story on our unconventional deal finding methods. It’s been interesting and we’ve had fun with it for sure.

But after 3 months of intense effort we haven’t secured a single deal. We’ve come close, and by the end of February I think we’ll have at least two deals firm, but as of right now we haven’t locked one in yet.

All this led me to contact an Edmonton based guy named Tony Peters.

Tony has become somewhat famous within the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) club I belong to. He has purchased hundreds of homes using creative strategies that require little money down and in many cases NO BANK FINANCING!!! WOOHOOO!!

The folks I know that have taken Tony’s programs or heard him speak have given him glowing reviews … they’ve learned a lot and are starting to make things happen so I wanted to learn from him and I thought you would benefit to.

I am so pleased to be able to invite you to join us on a call with Tony on Tuesday, February 16th at 6pm PST.

AND the best part … there is no charge!

AND the second best part … when you register you’re going to get a free one hour audio interview between Tony & the Vice President of REIN, Russell Westcott where you’re going to learn some of Tony’s creative strategies, hear his story and start learning so when you come to the call on Tuesday you can ask any questions that you have!

Bring your questions Tuesday night – you can speak with Tony too!

Oh, and if you can’t make the call we’ll send the replay out to everyone that registers.

By the way … thank you to EVERYONE for all your comments on the What’s Missing From This Kitchen game!! We had a ton of fun and really appreciated your participation. Check the comments to see if you’re one of the 3 T-Shirt winners that we selected!!


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8 responses to “No Money Down Real Estate Investing Canadian Style

  1. Hi Dave,

    I was in Edmonton in October at the LeGrand event as well.

    It was more of a vacation for me, as I had not been out to Alberta before. I thought that Mr. LeGrand was very entertaining. A funny guy for sure.

    A few of my fellow real estate investors in Ontario have been hustling with the yellow letter campaign that Ron talks about. They did not send out as many letters as you and Julie did, as such they pulled the plug early on this campaign due to the costs associated.

    On the plus side, one of my friends, who is also a real estate investor, was able to gain a couple of Joint Venture prospects through some of the marketing techniques that Ron taught.

    Tony was here in Toronto a few weeks ago. The people that attended the event, that I know, liked it.

    Onwards and Upwards,

    • Neil – I didn’t know you were at the event as well. I am now going to be giving Dave a bad time for not circulating around the room to meet more folks!! šŸ™‚

      My Dad enjoyed Ron a lot … he was quoting him and imitating his voice for weeks. I think my Mom was ready to throw him out!!

      NOW … as an Alberta girl I am disturbed to hear that was your first visit to Alberta!!! I hope you managed to see some sites while you were there!! The Rockies?? Tyrell Museum?? Don’t tell me you just went to West Edmonton Mall….

      Have a great weekend,

      • I am sorry to admit that that indeed was my first time to Alberta (I can’t believe it).

        I didn’t get to see anything, not even West Edmonton Mall. All I saw was the hotel (boooo!)

        I need to take a proper trip there soon.

        When you said that your dad was imitating him and quoting him, I LOLed.

        I sat pretty close to the front all 3 days during the LeGrand course, and I found Ron absolutely hilarious. Every time Ron said a great one-liner, I wrote it down in my notepad. I have a collection of hilarious quotes from Ron. I laugh every time I read them!

  2. Dave, I must say it has been fascinating to see all of this unfold “Canadian style”…..wish you the best locking in those couple of deals this month!

    You guys sent out a TON of letters….would love to hear more about the response rate you’ve received and number of offers made, etc.

    • I’ve been hesitating to write too much about the specifics of what is going on because we know the letter recipients and sellers are reading our blog (we met with two people last week that commented on some of our trips, our dog, and our videos!!) and we don’t want to ruin any potential deals that might come together by saying something here. I don’t even want to write about the offers that have been turned down because sometimes the sellers call back a few weeks later and want to negotiate a bit more … but we are due for an update so I will work on it!! Thanks!!

  3. Hi Neil,

    I am sorry to hear that I didn’t get to meet you in person at RLG’s event in Edmonton. Oh well, maybe we’ll meet at another event soon.

    We’re doing a Q & A with Tony Peters this coming Tuesday and then attending his Creative REI workshop in early March. I am glad to hear the people you’ve heard from have said good things. We are keen to introduce him to our readers as well as listen to his Canadianized RLG teachings!


    • Hi Dave,

      Not to worry. I hope that we cross paths in the future.

      Yes, mostly good things being said from the Tony Peters followers here in Ontario.

      I am interested to see how the long term efforts turn out of my friends practicing the Quick Turn strategies!

      Onwards and Upwards,

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