Let’s Play A Game – What’s Missing in the Kitchen?

by Julie Broad

We just returned from a 3 day house shopping spree in Nanaimo. We drove by dozens of properties, toured the insides of a handful and worked on buying a couple of them.

One of the properties we visited was a lovely 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom rancher at the end of a cul de sac. It backs up onto a noisier street but otherwise is a great house.Β  It was covered in stuff … there were dishes, clothes, toys and papers EVERYWHERE. But despite it’s messy state we could tell that it’s a great home. We liked the layout and we liked the size. Really it’s a perfect property for our rent to own program and we’re very interested in getting our hands on it.

At least that is what we thought on the first visit. Then we realized something was missing and we’re not quite sure how much money or just exactly how we’ll fix the problem.

Covered in “stuff” it is no wonder we missed this big problem on our first round through the property …

I took some pictures and I thought we’d play a game. What do you think is missing in this kitchen?

Maybe the photo doesn’t make it that easy to spot … let me give you another angle.

All right … can you spot what’s missing?? If you know the answer put it in the comments. I will randomly select one of the correct answers and send you a Rev N You with Real Estate T-Shirt just for playing the game!

The lesson I learned … bring a home check list with me into every home. Sometimes something really obvious can be overlooked. And that could have cost us a lot of money had we not realized it as we were leaving the property.


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36 responses to “Let’s Play A Game – What’s Missing in the Kitchen?

  1. Cameron

    No oven or overhead fan!! LOL

    • WOW!! That was one quick reply!!! That post was hot off the press and you scored the right answer immediately!! That alone is T-Shirt worthy. Send us an email with your mailing address and T-Shirt size and we’ll hook you up with a Rev N You T-Shirt. Nice work.

      Yep – the oven is missing and I think that when we first walked through the kitchen we didn’t notice because there is the cook top with 4 elements. Normally I look at the condition of the appliances BUT I think we missed it mostly because of the mess. Now also in my defense this is a foreclosure and you have to budget as though there are no appliances because there is no assurance that there will be any appliances when you take possession. BUT … budgeting for buying a stove versus adding space for an oven and an overhead fan are two totally different things. YIKES!!

    • No stove! Yikes – as a realtor I have had to replace a microwave that the seller took with them twice and once I had to pay for a dishwasher repair that the sellers refused to take care of…..but I’ve never had to buy a new stove!
      What on earth do these people eat?

      • Yea… we’re not exactly sure what to do about the missing oven. There isn’t a good spot for it either but we were thinking wall mounted BUT the bank didn’t accept our offer so this house isn’t on the table for us right now. It’s still an interesting challenge though isn’t it?!!

        Thanks for stopping in Susie.

        If anyone wants to buy a property in Whistler make sure you contact Susie. She is a realtor in Whistler … but not just any realtor. She’s a fabulous Whistler real estate expert and totally understands the challenges and appeals of investing/owning in that market!!!

    • Tim Wolfzorn

      I have friends that live in a house without a stove. They have a microwave/oven/convention oven that sits on the counter. It is large enough that it can cook a turkey. It is larger than the small microwaves you see now but no too large.

  2. Wow, no oven! At least they have the countertop stove…at first I didn’t see one of those either! LOL! How strange.

  3. philippec

    Right. No oven. The occupants seem to be using a toaster oven for that purpose…

    But there also is no spot to put a dishwasher…

    • That’s true … but I am not as worried about the lack of a dishwasher as I am the lack of an oven… besides the current tenants didn’t seem too upset by dirty dishes. πŸ˜‰

    • Philippe – Congrats!!! I randomly drew another name for a T-Shirt winner …. and it’s YOU!! πŸ™‚ Drop me an email with your T-Shirt size and mailing address and I will pop a T-Shirt in the mail for you. A picture of you in the shirt for a future blog post would be appreciated but is not a requirement!! πŸ™‚ THANK YOU for participating in the game!!

  4. chris

    No oven, unless the little pink ‘kids’ oven is like an easy bake then maybe it would count a bit…

    • πŸ™‚ If only I could make it a condition of sale that the pink stove stays and convince the tenants that is where they can make their Delissio pizzas in.
      Chris – you’re our randomly selected winner of a Rev N You T-Shirt for your correct answer!! WOO HOO!!! Please email us your mailing address and t-shirt size and we’ll drop one in the mail for you. Thanks for participating!!!

  5. Holly crap! Where’s the rest of the house???

  6. Stove/oven … just a cooktop it looks like.
    Maybe they microwave alot πŸ™‚

  7. I could totally make do without a stove, but I suppose I’m in the minority…

    I really do like that pink kid’s stove, though. I wonder if they make grown up appliances in that color? So cute. πŸ™‚

    • Those stoves are actually REALLY cool!!! I would totally buy one in red. I have a thing for red doors on houses too. It doesn’t matter if the house is falling down… if it has a red door I want to own it. Weird… and now I want to own that red stove too.

      BUT for $4295 that stove darn well better do the cooking & clean up afterwards because I can eat a lot of take out for $4295!!!!

  8. The only semi-funny thing I can think of posting is that this kitchen is missing…

    Some TLC!

    That is as funny as my jokes get at 11:06 in the pm.


  9. Funny I had the same thought as Chris that they might be using the kids pink kitchen as their oven and then I thought how much my daughter would love that kitchen. I am enjoying the t-shirt thanks I will send a pic at some point.

  10. Dan Powers

    no stove or venting system for cooking other than the cooktop.

  11. Gesepi De Enmapnas

    OH! I really wanted a T-Shirt! Too late I suppose…if that is the kitchen I can’t imagine what the rest of the home and exterior must look like! Foreclosure or not, leaving the Pam and all those dirty dishes around is amazing!

    • With all these replies today I think we’ll do another draw tomorrow to select one more t-shirt winner!! It doesn’t hurt us to have lots of people sporting Rev N You t-shirts does it?!! πŸ™‚

      The house wasn’t dirty … just messy … but yea… I’d be mortified to have people in my house if it looked like that.

      Thanks for your comments.

  12. Andrea Ferreira

    How can this kitchen be called a kitchen? .. no stove, no dishwasher and without someone to keep it clean and organized? Help … Not in my house .. Too bad I lost the chance to win the shirt. Maybe next time.

    • I could live without the dishwasher but without an oven I couldn’t have fresh baked cookies …. and life would just not be complete without that. Although I do really like the dough. Plus that pink oven might function… πŸ™‚

      I will do another draw tomorrow for an additional t-shirt because of all the new comments that came in today so you still have a chance πŸ˜€

  13. Gail Rhains Welles

    So ,no oven .no dish washer ,no fan ,My friends bought a very large house with an indoor pool.Turns out the oven was in the basement!It took a major kitchen renovation !and a very large island to solve the problem.Can you imagine walking to the basement down the stairs carrying your baking.What a pain. !please have some more T shirt contests. Thanks have fun at the olympics.

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  15. Could you go into more detail on this? Btw, the advice you gave me is really good.

  16. They are right!..kitchen doesn’t have a stove or an oven. For me it’s important that in every house, it should have a stove, since, stove use to cook our food which is one of the basic needs of one’s life.

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