What the Numbers on a Real Estate Deal Won’t Show

We don’t mean to pick on get rich quick real estate investing courses … but some of the things they teach are total garbage. In the program I took years ago the instructor placed a heavy emphasis on the numbers … GRM, Cash on Cash Return, and other numbers were all they talked about. It was all about the cash in and the cash out.

The return and your cashflow are definitely important concerns as a real estate investor however focusing on JUST the numbers can cause you to miss some other important things you should watch for when looking for great investment properties. In this short video, I explain further:

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6 responses to “What the Numbers on a Real Estate Deal Won’t Show

  1. Great video Dave. What I’m finding out in REI is that nothing is the same. Each opportunity is different for a number of reasons, so you want to make sure to explore those reasons by doing the things you mentioned in the video. Very good reminder, thanks!

  2. Dave,

    Loved the video!

    You are a natural behind the camera!

    Continued Success,


    • Neil – wait until you see the blooper videos I have of Dave – I am going to share them after about video 20 in the series so by then people know us well enough to hopefully be amused by our silliness. I think the videos of him messing up are pretty funny. Behind the scenes secret – he doesn’t do the videos in one take. 😉

      He is fabulous when he nails his points down though – I agree!

  3. Scott, Neil
    Thanks for stopping by and for your comments! Yes, I think too often people talk “about the numbers” and only focus on those. When, in reality, you really need to look beyond the numbers. The numbers are VERY important, don’t get me wrong, but they are far from everything that needs to be considered when investing wisely in real estate!
    Thanks guys!


  4. Julie and Dave,

    My pleasure for stopping by.
    I honestly like your blog and the image you guys project.
    Julie – I can’t wait to see the blooper videos of Dave.
    Keep up the great work.


  5. Yes, there will be some silly outtakes from our video series, mostly of me!

    Neil, if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up at http://revenuewithrealestate.ca/31videos.html to get the outtakes (once we’re done the series) as you won’t get to see them otherwise!

    Cheers and thanks again for your kind words.

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