As If Calls from the Police & the Nanaimo News Weren’t Enough …

by Julie Broad

We’ve taken a break from our marketing activities for the rest of the year. We didn’t want our lovely little yellow letters to compete with holiday greeting cards but we’ll resume with our last 1500 letters in early January (that’s right Nanaimo … we’re sending you more letters!) and begin a multi-media marketing campaign complete with online ads, print ads and signage around the city.

I’m really looking forward to it! It’s sure been a fun and interesting adventure so far! One of the things that has really surprised me though is the number of people that respond to our letters with letters!! I’ve got one of the best ones for you below. But first, I thought you’d enjoy a video update we recorded from my Dad (who has been acting as our call center handling all the incoming calls).

There hasn’t been a dull moment. There also hasn’t been a deal done just yet … but we’re making progress on 4 properties and we’re hoping to wind up with at least one of them in January but we shall see! Our goal is to find properties for under market value OR find properties we can buy with some sort of vendor financing in place. And if we can combine the two and find a property with vendor financing AND buy it for under market value that is great!! It’s a treasure hunt and we know it’s going to take a bit of time.


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9 responses to “As If Calls from the Police & the Nanaimo News Weren’t Enough …

  1. That letter is classic! Do you have to respond back with another letter, or do you have their phone #?

    Love the fact that your Dad is handling the calls. 🙂

    • Hey Steph!! They at least put their return address on the envelope so we know where they live but we have no other information other than the note they sent back!! Classic!!

  2. LOL! That letter is indeed classic! You’re going to snag a deal from this campaign soon, I just know it. We’ll be starting our our campaign again in January as well. Your dad is so awesome.

    • Thanks Shae! I do believe you’re right. 4000 letters has to result in at least ONE good deal not just 30 seconds of fame in the paper!!

      I thought you were off to the Bahamas today??

  3. I’m loving following you guys on this. I think it’s great and entertaining.

    Lets just make sure you get a deal out of all this fun. I look forward to your success.

    • Thanks Nick!! We’ve really enjoyed the process so far. It’s been extra fun because we’ve been able to work with my parents on a lot of this stuff… my Dad is so awesome on the phone. He takes a hostile caller and turns them into a friend… anyway I am sure we’ll get more than one deal from this but it will take time. Thanks for your support & for your comment!!

  4. Good luck on your challenge Julie! Keep the faith!

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