Dual Maps….A dream resource for real estate investors!

by Dave Peniuk

First of all … if reading bores you… scroll to the bottom and watch the video!

Second of all, if you didn’t know it yet … Google Streetview FINALLY arrived in Nanaimo this Fall!! πŸ™‚ This makes me very happy.

And to top that off, my wife Julie told me about this wonderful little web application called Dual Maps that shows the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of houses in a map mashing made in real estate heaven. Since it means a ton of market research can be done from the comforts of my couch, I thought you also may be interested in taking a look without going out into that cold Canadian air, or sweat-inducing humid southern climate.

As you may have already read we’ve assaulted the City of Nanaimo residents with our yellow letters and have received countless interesting responses! If you haven’t heard the wild voicemails, read about the article in the paper or the call from the cops then you must read Ron LeGrands Quick Turn Program Update. But, the reason I mention this, is as we speak to “prospects” (people who are more motivated to sell for whatever reason), we’ve been using Dual Maps to learn more about the house, the neighbours houses, and the neighbourhood in general.

When someone calls we may, or may not, know what kind of an area their home is in. It may be an area we won’t even consider investing in. We also will only know the details of their home that they share with us … until we log onto the latest and greatest web mapping tools and see the home for ourselves!

The reason for checking the house out online is not to confirm whether the house is a pretty house, an ugly house, or a downright nasty house, but rather to see what the neighbourhood looks like.

We don’t want to waste a bunch of time negotiating with a seller about the details of their property until we’ve actually checked out the area further. Plus we can ask more intelligent questions when we’ve actually seen what the house looks like and where it’s situated! And we can do this even while we’re on the phone with the prospect… saving enormous amounts of time and even money!

Check out this quick video for how useful Dual Maps can be when evaluating a house/neighbourhood!

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4 responses to “Dual Maps….A dream resource for real estate investors!

  1. Very Very Nice Dave! Most of my area doesn’t have street view, but the Bird’s Eye view in Google Earth is amazing in itself. So Clear!

    Thanks for pointing me to this tool

    • Scott I seriously thought we were the last place in North America to get Google Streetview… well when it rolls into your town your life as an investor is going to get sooooo much better!! πŸ™‚ It’s awesome.

      Anyway – your give away on your blog is awesome!!! Hope lots of people are checking it out – you’ve collected some wicked prizes. Have a great weekend.

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