Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate Program Update….it’s gettin’ juicy…

by Dave Peniuk

Well, here we are, approximately 6 weeks since my last post since completing Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate investing seminar in Edmonton, AB. And I have one word for the experience thus far….WOW!

Now, before I jump too far ahead and tell you all the amusing, irritating, sad, and potentially profitable things we’ve been introduced to, I want to start by explaining just what exactly we’ve done so far.

In the past 6 weeks, we have personally put together and mailed 4,000 yellow letters. This work was coordinated by Julie’s Mom. We hired some willing workers on Salt Spring Island to help us with the addressing and personalization of the letters so we didn’t do them all ourselves. But yep – that is still four thousand envelopes and letters! All to the same city, across 2 postal codes (like zip codes in the US).

From those 4,000 letters we have received over 1,000 phone calls which my father-in-law has largely handled!

We did NOT hire as instructed by Ron at the event simply because:

  • We felt we wanted to learn “the business” firsthand by actually talking to folks that call
  • We know it would be very expensive to go through
  • We build better rapport with the callers, in the hope that down the road if they do want to sell, they’ll call us first

So, you’re probably dying to know how many deals we’ve got from all of this effort? Well, as of today we have officially no firm deals. That is rather disappointing given all the money, time and effort we’ve put into this in the last six weeks.Β  BUT, and it’s a big BUT we do have several strong leads for acquiring some solid (and not so solid) properties.

We have 1 property which we hope to acquire for what’s owed using the Agreement for Sale strategy (it’s basically like buying the property without taking title/deed and without paying out the mortgage but still have “control” of the asset), we have another where we intend to acquire using Wrap Financing and buy with little of our own money, and we have a few others whereby we’ll use similar strategies. Again, we have no intention of teaching you any of these strategies. We are still going to focus on buy and hold real estate investing and the fundamentals but we will give you updates on this adventure because it’s certainly entertaining and we know there’s lots to learn from the experience.

Now, the BEST part of trying Ron’s techniques are the responses we have received from the folks receiving our little, pleasant, yellow letter. And what I find so amusing is that this is basically all that’s on the letter:

Dear XΒ  We would like to buy your house located at X Please call us at X.

I can’t say exactly all the details of what’s on the letter and what it looks like for fear of Ron coming after me for passing along this information (although you can find examples of it all over the internet), but the essence of it is that it’s very simple and very non-threatening….but boy oh boy some people have felt threatened. Just look at this recent article about us in the local news!!

The responses are mostly people curious about our interest in their home, but recently we’ve started to get some really funny people:

The good part, by and large, is that 90% of all those we speak with are pleasant, good natured individuals who are mostly curious about what we are trying to do and maybe even what we may pay for their house.

And some people have even been upset when they haven’t received a letter… check out this one:

Regardless of how many deals we end up doing using Ron LeGrand’s strategies (and in particular the yellow letter campaign which has been our focus thus far), it has been a lesson in human behaviour and HIGHLY entertaining.

Please continue to follow our updates as we (hopefully) close on some deals and continue to find how we, the human race, react to unorthodox buying methods!


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20 responses to “Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate Program Update….it’s gettin’ juicy…

  1. That voice message was hilarious!

  2. I know!! We were in tears laughing at it! It was all we could do to hold ourselves back from calling them back to set up a time for tea!!

    We’re still wondering if it’s one of Dave’s friends playing a joke but we haven’t had anyone come forward claiming it yet and we didn’t recognize the voice!

    It really has been entertaining.

  3. Dave/Julie, this is sooo hilarious! Since I do direct mail as well, I’m ALL too familiar with these types of voicemails. Of course I’ve never received one quite as bizarre as that first one. I guess he thought it would be fun to act like a nutcase! I’m going to have to link to this on my next blog post because its just a crack up.

    Here’s one of mine from a couple months ago:

    Ok, the article…what in the world?!? Why was the letter letter considered newsworthy? Nanaimo must have a really small population?

    And finally…Julie, your dad is so adorable “Up to 180 pounds….” LOL! I hope I get to see more videos with him!

  4. Your voicemail is pretty funny too!! It is fun isn’t it?! Are you finding that the second round of mailing is very effective?

    Nanaimo has just under 80,000 people so not that small!! Just desperate for good news I guess … I wish I had known the article was going to run because I would have run an advertisement right beside the article saying “we broads buy homes” πŸ™‚

    Anyway – glad you like my Dad! I will be sure to tell him! We’ve filmed several videos with him and we’ll be releasing them over the next few weeks!! He’s a natural on the phone and even on camera actually. It’s awesome.

  5. Julie, I’m getting solid responses from the second round of mailing. Not the same percentage of calls but pretty close! Also, I do make sure to update my mailing list to exclude those I spoke with or ones who said they weren’t interested. When I met with my mentor earlier this week he was telling me a story about a deal he just closed from someone he mailed to 5 times over the past 6 months. We’ll keep mailing πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear I’ll be seeing more of Dad and LOL at “We Broads Buy Houses”!

  6. Those can’t be real, they are way to funny! When I get some calls from my probate marketing, I’m sure some will be strange and some people will be furious that I sent them a letter to begin with. Looking forward to it πŸ™‚

    great post Dave!

  7. Thanks for your comments Scott and Shae!

    And yes, we are 99.9% sure the first audio was a joke, but it was sure funny. I am still trying to find out if I know the person (I grew up in Nanaimo where we sent the yellow letters).

    We’ll be sure to post more funny/interesting voice messages as we continue this process.

    Ah, so entertaining!

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  10. That was pretty good even Adam Sandler ish.

    Congrats on all the free publicity this has generated for you. If the letters don’t help you buy a home than that definitely will.

    Would you recommend attending the RLG workshop in March in Ontario?

  11. Thanks Mark. Yes, we were actually a little upset that we weren’t able to get an ad in the paper when the local newspaper ran the story! They never told us they would be printing anything. Oh well.

    As for the RLG workshop in Ontario, I’ll email you directly with my thoughts/opinions.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. James C.

    We received one of these notes in our mailbox today, from Rick Broad on Saltspring. My initial reaction was *this is a scam*. I am so glad that others have felt the same way and gone to the RCMP with it. In today’s world of identity theft schemes, this is exactly the sort of thing scammers use to get dig up potential victims. You’re making yourselves look bad.

    • So James C. – I take this to mean that you aren’t interested in selling us your house?

      • Ren

        Hey Dave & Julie,

        Maybe when you make a purchase, post the story on how you were able to help that a ‘win’ for the vendor. Hopefully people start to become less skeptical.

        I never got to network with you at Tony’s workshop but you still gave me the impression that you both are ethical people and have strong values.


      • Ren

        …help ‘make’ that a win for the vendor…(I should proof read before hitting submit)

      • πŸ™‚ Thanks Ren!! We appreciate your comments!! I am sorry we didn’t get to chat at Tony’s event. I was barely there as I had the opportunity to attend an event with Philip McKernan (author of South of 49) so I was there most of the weekend. But I am excited about the marketing concepts that I learned at Tony’s events and am moving forward with some revisions to our letters and our marketing right away!!

        We plan to ask this vendor for a testimonial once we close on the property. I hope she’ll be willing to do that as I believe you’re right about that!!

        Please keep us posted on what you do with what you learned from Tony!!

  13. Shawn Daly

    My sister-in-law received one of your yellow letters several months ago and then I read about you in the newspaper. Received my yellow letter yesterday and went online and found your blog. It sounds like you are trying to take adavantage of unsuspecting homeowners – maybe elderly folks who have no idea what their property is really worth – or someone in dire financial straights. If you want to invest in real estate why don’t you hire a realtor or look in the want ads?

    • Hi Shawn,
      It’s interesting how, when somebody tries to approach a problem in a way that is a little bit different some people think it’s a scam. In reality we try to solve problems… some people don’t have enough equity to sell through a realtor. It’s in their best interest to sell to us without the commission because it means they can sell without losing money out of their pocket. Other people can make a return off the sale of their home by providing vendor financing. Some people are in tough positions and our letter is a welcome relief to them. Not every house can easily be sold through a realtor. But – we also work with realtors too!!

      We’re actually really nice people… pretty darn honest too … we aren’t taking advantage of anyone. And we definitely are NOT targeting elderly people.

      If you aren’t interested in selling your house to us that is fine. But if you are concerned about what we’re doing we welcome you to give us a call and chat about it. You have our number on the letter!!


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