Private Money Blueprint Winner!! Congratulations

Private Money Blueprint Winner CelebrationOk… so this didn’t get posted on Friday like I’d promised … but we ended up spending 10 hours hunting for new investment properties.

Along with driving by half a dozen potential deals we’re looking at, and spending 2 hours really getting to know a small area within Nanaimo, we looked at 2 foreclosed properties …

Both properties have potential to be good buys, but the one is priced at market and yet it needs $20,000 in upgrades. The other one, however, has the potential to be a fantastic buy and hold property.

It’s priced about $30,000 – $50,000 below it’s market value (after some minor finishing touches) so it’s interesting to us. But because it’s priced so well there are going to be quite a few others at court on Thursday that are also interested in this deal.

We like the area it’s in – a lot – but we’re currently running the numbers to figure out the maximum bid that makes sense for us and determining if we have the private money available to us to be able to bid in court on Thursday.

Anyway – Friday turned into a gigantic adventure in real estate hunting and we were in desperately need of a day to recharge so we took Saturday off from all computer and real estate based activities …

Which brings us to today…

<…DRUM ROLL…> The fifth and final winner of the Private Money Blueprint is Heather Moncur

Congratulations to Heather Moncur - our fifth and final winner of the Private Money Blueprint!

If you’re wondering what exactly the 5 Winners of the Private Money Blueprint are getting I created a super short video showing you the program (because we’re using it ourselves – it’s awesome Patrick & Trevor!). You can check that out here:

Special thanks, once again, to Patrick Riddle for hosting the Battle of the REI Blogs 2009, and for sharing 5 copies of the Private Money Blueprint with our readers!!

And by the way … I’ve made arrangements with the Vancouver SPCA to donate $500 to their Biscuit Fund. They are going to send me a special letter to share with all of our readers as a thank you. And … in case you missed the announcement we’re created 31 Videos as a special thank you to everyone in our Rev N You family. We’ll be sharing those with our Rev N You with Real Estate Newsletter readers starting January 4th, 2009 so if you’re not a newsletter subscriber you’re going to want to sign up before then so you don’t miss a single video!!


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5 responses to “Private Money Blueprint Winner!! Congratulations

  1. Cr8&&6p aoifa mrmmmm……..Congrats Heather!… gonnit……ereo f odf……..I never win anything…..adoiu miou??(*@??@((@


    Since you where doing real estate related stuff over the weekend, I guess we can forgive you, Julie, for making us wait till Monday.

    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Hey Scott!

    Sorry you didn’t win the PMB. We randomly picked Heather’s and she has contacted us and is very excited to have won.

    If you keep reading our blog and if you subscribe to our Rev N You newsletter, we often give away various things, so maybe you’ll win next time?!?!

    Oh, and I think your keyboard is malfunctioning! 😉


  3. Martin

    Not all people well win that way i’ll conguratulate
    heather, and i’ll say good luck for the other next time.

  4. Congrats Heather!

    & congrats Julie on being the battle of the REI blogs winner! Hat’s off to ya! : )

    Nice work!

    Dusty Keefe

  5. Thanks Dusty!! We had so much fun this year – we absolutely can’t wait until next year. Thanks for stopping by our blog.

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