4 of 5 Private Money Blueprint Winners … Will You Be #5?

by Julie Broad

When I was crowned the Battle of the REI Blogs Champion I wasn’t the only winner!

I was given 5 Private Money Blueprint programs that I could give away to people that voted for me! That is not a small prize my f riends. Private money is a critical piece to the real estate investing puzzle these days. We’ve always used private money to help us with financing parts of our deals but these days it’s often the absolute best (and sometimes only) source of reasonably priced financing you’ll find. So this prize is something that can really help you!!

So… we went through all the votes we received in the contest and randomly drew from the voters. We  selected 5 winners … but one of the winners has failed to claim their prize so we’ve decided to give it away to one of our valued Rev N You readers!! Here’s how you can win a copy… (by the way … it sells for $697 and really it’s actually worth way more than that. By following the tips, resources, and advice in the program could help finance or complete your next deal! And learn how to save the effort and paperwork that a bank requires!).

To enter the contest for a copy of the Private Money Blueprint:

Post a comment at the bottom telling us what you want to achieve and how the Private Money Blueprint program will help you reach your goal!

It’s simple … a sentence or two will do. We just want to make sure that you’ll use this program. We’ll get Patrick Riddle to select his favourite 5 entries and then we’ll randomly draw from those 5.

DEADLINE: November 24th at 5pm EST

At that time Patrick will make his selections and we’ll do the random draw. We’ll announce the winner on November 27th here on the blog.

Sound good?


<drum roll please……………..>



Brian Dolan of Owen Sound, ON, Canada

Zimbabwe Real Estate Millionaire Student Monica Mutuma

The other two winners were camera shy... Murray from Point Roberts, WA, USA and Sam Ahmadi from Coquitlam, BC, Canada

Congratulations to the winners!

And – thanks again to everyone who voted me in as the Champion of the 2009 Battle of the REI Blogs!!

We will be presenting the SPCA Biscuit Fund with a $500 donation very soon!! Stay tuned…

Now… head on down to place your entry for your own copy of the Private Money Blueprint!! You have until the 24th of November to be entered to win!!


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12 responses to “4 of 5 Private Money Blueprint Winners … Will You Be #5?

  1. Michelle Pink

    Looking to put an offer in our first rental property on Friday – very excited! Looking for all the resources possible to help us build our empire…just like Julie and Dave.

  2. Good luck Michelle! If you have any specific questions about your offer (or your deal), you know where to find us!

    Julie says hello!

  3. Martin

    make a small project of carring goods from the market up to the shops. this money well help me to achieve that project.

  4. alex labeach

    Ishould become executor of @ 40 acres of undeveloped land in Alabama. I am developing a business plan to create income from it. Probably would need financing.

  5. Julie and Dave, I love the 1% rule, although it is hard to find deals that fit that in BC, I have waited for the right one and have a $400/mo cashflow now.

  6. You seem to always be giving Julie and Dave, so glad I found your blog.

    In my area of investing with the average house being worth 400k, having private investors could be my only option with the banks being so stingy with their money.

  7. I have wanted to invest in real estate since, forever … well, ok, about 25 years (since I was a teenager). Several kids, and jobs later, I still haven’t done it, but have decided better late than never.

    In between dipaers, naps and dinners, I’ve begun reading books and blogs, found a mentor, joined an investing club, and most importantly, have been looking at real live properties (not just the ones in books, and newspapers :).

    I think I have finally found something that will cash flow, from the get go, and am hoping to put an offer in this week … I can you use all the help I can get … like free books!

    Regardless, thanks for the blog, and for the enthusiasm. Among all the naysayers, that consistently tell me why being a landlord won’t work, your words are like a breath of fresh air 🙂

  8. Lisa Fujikawa

    Thanks to you, Dave and Julie, we have one rental property, and would like to continue to follow in your footsteps. To effectively learn how to get private investors is an essential piece for us, so that we can continue to do this. Thanks for this opportunity!

  9. Dolim

    Thanks for the insightful articles and showing us firsthand the real estate investor “lifestyle”. All these gurus seem to be living a fairytale type of life. I would like to be able to have a pool of funds ready for investing that reduces my reliance on the big institutions for primary financing.

    Thank you for the generous opportunity.

  10. Martin, Alex, Cameron, Scott, Heather, Lisa, and Dolim,

    Thanks so much for sharing your comments, thoughts, and plans! You rock!

    As I return from a real estate investing meeting tonight (it finished at 11:20pm) and reflect on what was said there and recommended to all of us investors, is to ALWAYS have an agenda. Not a hidden agenda or anything like that. But rather to set a goal, objective or agenda whenever you are trying to push yourself forward.

    If you are meeting with a mentor, before you meet with that mentor, ask yourself: “What is the single most important thing that I want to get answered or help with during that meeting?” Or, if you are going to attend a real estate investing seminar, again, determine what your goal, objective, or agenda will be for attending that seminar. And most importantly, DON’T LEAVE until you have it answered or you have achieved that objective.

    The reason I am writing this is I am happy to see that many of you who have written above have agenda’s, or objectives in mind. That is clear based on what you said.

    Now, go out and hit that goal, attain that objective and complete that agenda. I know I will be.


  11. As a novice real estate investor, winning a free copy of the Private Money Blueprint would really help me learn more about all the avenues available to create opportunity and income with real estate. I’ve greatly appreciated all the email advice from Rev n U over the past 18 months since I found the site. Thanks for this opportunity and good luck to all of us in the draw =)

  12. I have been reading, learning and dreaming about real estate investing for almost a year, but my husband has been too busy running our commercial contracting business and would have nothing to do with it. Recently, our business has gone from 20 to 2 employees. I gently asked my husband “if money wasn’t an issue, would you consider real estate?” and he said “yes”! If we had the Private Money Blueprint his fears and financial burdens would be alleviated. I would love to say one day that the worst time of our lives turned out to be the best.

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