Real Estate Investing without Tenants, Toilets, Repairs and Property Management!

We’ve never really considered land for our real estate investments. We always thought land investing was a waiting game. We thought it was essentially buying a piece of land and then waiting for it to appreciate or for the time when rezoning or redeveloping the land makes financial sense. In the meantime you have taxes and mortgage costs to pay down. And, I still think that is often how people do it. I know that is how many residential developers and home builders do it.

For us, investing in land has been a matter of buying pieces of property with little houses on them.

We didn’t buy the properties because we loved the houses or because we were going to make good money from the cash flow they generate – we bought them because there’s enormous redevelopment potential for that street and the little homes on the land will pay the land holding costs while we wait to buy other properties around those two lots and the time is right to redevelop.

We’re not putting cash in our pockets from these properties but we bought them for nearly no money down and they aren’t costing us anything to hold while the mortgages are getting paid down.

But, there is a lot of appeal to buying land.

There are no tenants, toilets, property repairs or management issues to deal with. There also is a lot of flexibility in what the land can become – if you buy the right piece of land.

So… when I heard about Jack Bosch and his land expertise I started to look into what he’s been doing. I’ve been going through his course called the Land Profit Generator and I shot this little video to tell you about some of the free information you can get from Jack. If you’re like us, and you’ve always thought land was a tough way to make money as a real estate investor then this is definitely worth checking out.

I will try and shoot another video later this week that is about his program … but for now, just check out the free Land Profits report and the videos Jack is sharing with everyone.

Land Profits Report

And… just for fun… here’s a few pictures from the Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Event we attended in Delray Beach this weekend. Celebrities like Elisabeth Shue, Gavin Rossdale and Martina Navratilova were playing tennis for charity yesterday. And, Jon Lovitz was on hand to provide a ton of entertainment (and actually, Martina Navratilova was pretty witty herself!).

Julie and Dave Chris Evert Tennis

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova serving

Shue Seles Rossdale Evert

Elisabeth Shue with Monica Seles vs. Chris Evert with Gavin Rossdale


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5 responses to “Real Estate Investing without Tenants, Toilets, Repairs and Property Management!

  1. Wow, it WAS windy up there! 🙂 It typically isn’t that windy in South Florida…unless there’s a tropical storm outside…so it was a bit uncharacteristic, but we enjoy it because its a break from the extreme heat!

    Glad you were able to see the celebrity tennis event. I didn’t even know that was going on!

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  3. Art

    Looks like you guys are having a blast. What with that celebrity tennis and ETR events! I wish I could be there to meet you personally and to be able to know more about
    real estate investing from you guys. Thank you for all the meaty R.E. contents that you have been sharing, Julie. Enjoy your stay in the Sunshine State.

  4. Okay – so what’s going on. You and Patrick both highlighting Jack Bosch at the same time. Serendipity?

  5. Shae & Art – yes the celebrity tournament was a ton of fun!! The wind here has been wild though. We’ve been experiencing a tropical storm I believe… still beats Vancouver weather this time of year because it’s warm but it’s been interesting!!

    Qmanrei – Jack Bosch is about to launch a product on real estate investing with a focus on buying and selling land… so as a prelaunch to get the word out he is offering some interesting videos and reports for free. I’ve been previewing his product in advance of the launch and Patrick probably has too … it’s very interesting. Some sections of the course do not apply to Canadians but his finding land deals, list building and negotiating deals sections are excellent in the program and are definitely useful on our side of the border. But the free stuff he is putting out has some gold nuggets in it too so I wanted people to know about it.

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