If You’re a Real Estate Investor You’re In Marketing

I emphasized this point when I told you the Top 3 Real Estate Investing Books every new investor should read, and I’ve definitely talked about this before:

If you are a real estate investor – you must understand marketing!

In fact, the better you get at marketing, the easier it will get to make money with less effort as a real estate investor.

So… what are some of the fundamental marketing principles you need to understand? Well, that is what I cover in my latest article that you’ll find in the November 2009 Edition of Healthy Wealthy N Wise!

Health Wealthy n Wise Nov 2009

Check out my article called: Why You Must Master Direct Marketing for Real Estate Investing Success

AND – Today is a day of celebration for me!! It’s my one year “freedom” anniversary! This time last year I left my job to pursue our online business and our real estate investing adventures full time. In many ways it really feels like I just left my job … and I will be honest in saying that I haven’t replaced the cushy salary that I was making … yet! But I have not had a single moment where I regret the decision and I owe that to the fabulous readers of Rev N You and my fabulous support team of friends and family (especially Dave!).

We have so much to celebrate at Rev N You this week, so we’re going to do a couple of extra special things for our readers in the next 10 days. If you’re not already a Rev N You with real estate newsletter subscriber you might want to sign up now so you don’t miss a thing!! It’s free … 🙂

Plus – we have 5 copies of the Private Money Blueprint to give away from our Battle of the REI Blogs 2009 victory so watch for the winners here!

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12 responses to “If You’re a Real Estate Investor You’re In Marketing

  1. Julie, congratulations on your 1 year of freedom from the corporate rat race!! I’m looking to join you asap. You’re doing a GREAT GREAT job I must say and I wish you the absolute best. I’m going to be doing what I did when I found my girl Steph’s blog over a year ago and go back and read your entire blog. It will take a while, but I’ll get through it 😉

    I heard you’re in my neck of the woods in South Florida…enjoy and let me know if you guys have any time to meet up! Not sure when you’re leaving.

  2. Wow!! It’s a pretty ambitious undertaking to read all of the posts on a blog from the start. The good news is that, unlike Steph, we’ve only been blogging for about 16 months.

    By the way – there is nothing wrong with having a job. If you are still doing things to grow your mind and your wealth while enjoying a steady pay cheque there is nothing wrong with a job. It all goes back to your goals and what you want to achieve.

    I only say this because I think too many books/guru’s etc. make us feel like having a job is bad or wrong. It’s not wrong. It’s where most of us have to start. And in fact, if you kick butt in your job it makes your wealth creation that much faster and easier if you’re smart about it.

    I haven’t looked back once since leaving my job… but it has been a wild year!! Like a rollercoaster really. I’ve always been a hard worker but I have never worked as hard as I have since I left my job! I love 98% of every single second of it … but I also know that the choices we’re willing to make and the things we do to make this work for us wouldn’t work for everyone nor would everyone want to make them!!

    I love your attitude. I know I’m telling you stuff you already know… I am saying this more for other people than you!! But I wanted to say it because I will never be someone who makes people feel like working hard in their job is a bad thing.

  3. Hey Julie,

    I agree with you 110%. It’s all about what your long term goals are and there’s nothing wrong with a job being a part of that…assuming you LOVE your job! If you don’t, there should be a plan in place to getting to what you love whether its a job or your own business or whatever else. So for example, my husband is a massage therapist and LOVES his work…will continue to do it until his hands can’t do it anymore and he really doesn’t care how much it pays because its the thing he’d be willing to do for free.

    I’m also a huge proponent of building multiple streams of income though…so even for people working jobs (whether they enjoy the job or they don’t), its best to set yourself up in a way where you can have diversified income streams and not have only 1 iron in the fire.

    Alright, lunch time almost over. Off to my own job 😉 LOL!

  4. …So that being said…and for the benefit of other readers, I will qualify my statement…I use the term “corporate rat race” because that’s what it is for me personally 🙂 But now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t use that term too often because it may give people the wrong idea. Hmm…you’ve given me something to think about. That’s always good 😉 LOL! Alright, hoping to see you this week Julie!

  5. Hey, congrats on your freedom birthday, gal! Awesome for you. Mine was a bit longer ago (2004) but I remember it well! Now here I am, reveling in, like, the BEST DAY EVER, working on my little laptop from the back porch…LOVIN’ IT!

    Regarding jobs being good/bad…clearly they’re not inherently bad…it’s just that they’re mostly not well designed for helping someone craft a life of authentic security and freedom. They’re fatally flawed in most cases, but giving the employee a false sense of security. And if you’re an entrepreneur at heart…it’s like soul torture…

    But if everyone became an entrepreneur, no one would get anything done at all…we’d all be quitting our jobs!

    I think the “corporate rat race” at the very least needs a massive facelift in structure and culture in order to better meet the needs of those who are wired to be good employees. And for the rest of us…we should continue to be inspired and motivated by the pursuit of freedom.

    Again, congrats on you! 🙂


    PS…I love how you call a pay check a “pay cheque”. You Canadians can be so cute. 😉

  6. “They’re fatally flawed in most cases, but giving the employee a false sense of security. And if you’re an entrepreneur at heart…it’s like soul torture…”

    LOL! jp, my friend…you hit the nail on the head. That’s why if you’re going to be an employee, better have another iron or two in the fire the generate income.

    Oh man…you guys are hitting a chord with me today.

  7. You guys are the best!! So glad we’ve “met”.

    The job discussion is a big one – that’s for certain! I can’t help but agree with both of you. I just think it’s important to do a good job of your job while you have one. Too many people become miserable in their position and blame the company when they do nothing to help themselves.

    If you are unhappy you must take action to improve things … but not all the fault rests with the companies that employ people. There are an awful lot of people who are lazy and feel entitled and yet they’ve done nothing to actually earn what they feel they are entitled to.

    But now that I say that I hope I haven’t offended anyone so I feel compelled to apologize if I have hurt anyone’s feelings. Just like when you bump into me or step on my toe… for some reason I will apologize to you. Canadian charm I suppose?!

    We also spell honour with a ‘u’. But – we don’t all say “eh”. For example, I say “Hey” instead. It might sound the same, but it’s not.

    Enjoy your fabulous day JP! It’s raining and chilly here in Vancouver today but I’m off to Florida in 36 hours so I can almost feel the heat already!

  8. LOL! You apologize when someone steps on your toe? Wow, you ARE the nicest person on the planet!

  9. Not THAT nice … after I apologize I then get mad that the other person didn’t apologize too! I may even say a bad word or two. :p

    I bet if you took a poll of Canadians the majority of us apologize when someone else bumps into us or steps on our toe in a crowd. We’re wired that way.

  10. Don’t keep us waiting !!!!!
    When do we find out who the lucky winners are ?????

  11. Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. Hope others find it as interesting as I did.

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