It’s an all out real estate investing blog war

My friend Patrick Riddle is hosting a battle of the real estate investing blogs competition over at his blog and I need your help!! Please place your vote for my blog! All you have to do is type who your favourite blogger is in the Comment section at the bottom of the page!

5 Reasons Why You Should Vote For My Real Estate Investing Blog

And… in case supporting me and our blogging efforts, and the 5 reasons I gave you above aren’t enough, the winning blogger gets to award 5 of their voters (could be YOU) a FREE Private Money Blueprint Home Study System (Valued at $697 a piece)!

Sooooo, I need your help! I’m up against the cream of the crop, the A- List of real estate investing bloggers and need your vote …

Click Here to Cast Your Vote

And after you’ve placed your vote please do check out the other bloggers participating. The overall premise of the contest is to “get to know” the best of the best real estate investing bloggers and connect with them through social media.

When you head over to the main contest page, you’ll see that each blogger participating has a profile that includes a link to their blog and links to their social media profile pages.

And for all you Twitterers out there, there’s a “Tweet About Your Fav Blogger” link too … sooooo it’s easy to get the word out to all your followers about your favorite blogger (hopefully that’s yours truly) and the contest!

Now, get on over to cast your vote in the “Battle of the REI Blogs” (just type who your favourite blogger is at the bottom of that page – I hope it’s ME!!)

Thanks for your support!


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12 responses to “It’s an all out real estate investing blog war

  1. Nice video Julie! 🙂 Loved the dog tricks! Should be a fun week.

  2. I loved the video Julie!

    Don’t know if you’ve checked yet but you’ve got some votes pouring in …

    Good luck … and may the best blog/blogger win 🙂

    ~ Patrick (aka Sergeant P-Rid)

  3. Thanks to the contest I’ve discovered your blog. It looks awesome and from the votes you’ve already gotten I can’t wait to follow it from now on.

  4. Great job, Julie!

    Have followed your blogs for quite a few months and enjoy them.

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  6. Thank you everyone for your votes and your comments!!! And @Scott Costello I am SO happy you found us!! I look forward to having you around the blog!! Thanks for this contest Patrick (aka Sergeant P-Rid) – what fun!

  7. Great meeting you,
    Oh and you have my vote.
    jack S

  8. Thanks @Jack Sedge – I am going to tell everyone in Calgary that I know about your fantastic business . And if you start the children’s seminar business let me know!! I am sure we could support young real estate investors in their education and first steps!!

  9. Hi Julie – Apparently our mothers are B&B cyber space friends!!! I voted for you and wish you the best of luck. I loved your video – very fun!!! (esp the dog tricks)

    I’ll look around a bit on the blog – and maybe contact you soon as I am considering selling an investment condo in Vancouver and reinvesting the money in San Francisco.


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  11. @Cindy Schafer – thanks for voting!! I really appreciate it. And for stopping by. I checked out your photography and it is truly beautiful. Let me know what I can do to help. If you need a good realtor in Van just let me know. I can make a few recommendations.

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