Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate

I found myself sitting among 450 real estate investors in a cold, large conference room in Edmonton, Alberta. What was I doing here? Why were so many others doing the same thing as me…..waiting…..wondering….anticipating?  What was the “big” deal about listening to Ron LeGrand – the Grand Poppa of short term, “risk-free” real estate investing?

Well, to take you back a few weeks prior to the event, I found myself getting “told” that I would be attending this event with my Father-In-Law. You see, my wife, Julie (who usually maintains this blog and our website ) registered me while I was out on a commercial halibut fishing trip with my Dad. I was not advised, nor was I even asked if I wanted to go. Julie, as you are probably already aware, is a take-charge kind of gal. When she gets focused on an idea, strategy, objective, she goes for it!

And when the possibility of attending Ron LeGrand’s first Canadian seminar in 6 years came up, she jumped at it.

Of course, she didn’t jump into going to snowy, chilly, Edmonton, herself…..noooooo, she sent her Father and myself. Why didn’t she just go, I asked when she told me I get to ride a plane to Edmonton in mid-October? “Because you need to get creative again!” she replied. “You need to think outside the box like you did when we first started investing in real estate over 8 years ago”.

And, this coupled with the fact that we almost exclusivelybuy using the Buy And Hold strategy and conventional financing, pushed her to get me going on different strategies. So, I agreed to go (not that I had a choice! 🙂 ) and Rick (Julie’s Father) came along with me.

My “out-laws” (he he he) also are Buy N Hold peeps, they just buy commercial property whereas we buy residential. But all of us wanted to learn how to buy real estate with little to no money of our own, not have to use our credit, not have to personally guarantee a loan or mortgage, and furthermore, how to make $5k, $10k, $50k, and up in a relatively short period of time!

Sounds to good to be true, don’t it? Well, after 4 days of learning everything from finding “junkers” (low cost housing in need of some repair) to “pretty houses”, to finding motivated sellers to motivated buyers – we are very confident we can apply his Quick Turn strategies to help increase our cashflow and become even more well rounded real estate investors.

I will write more in a future blog about his strategies but for now, I thought it worth mentioning that we hope you, our readers, will hold us accountable.

Why do I ask this of you? Well, it’s like anything in life, when you set a Goal for yourself, it’s always better to let people know that you have set this Goal and that you intend to reach it. With a good support network, they will keep you on track – asking you how it’s going, have you reached your goal, what have been the obstacles along the way? This is very important because we often need a push or a hand to keep us going, keep the momentum rolling.

bram - eye

And with that, I ask that you keep an eye on us by checking in on our little blog here to see how our new Quick Turn business is coming along. Julie and myself will update you with our progress, give you tips and ideas of how the strategies work (or don’t work), and we encourage you to ask us questions and give your own feedback if you are applying the same strategies. We hope to make this a beneficial journey as we commence a new, and exciting real estate venture.

Until next time!


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8 responses to “Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate

  1. Hey Dave! Nice to hear from you 🙂 I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Julie (virtually anyway). This is great that you’re expanding your investing strategies. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your progress and which you two the best.

    Hmm…I should have my hubby make a blog post every once in a while too… 🙂

    Have a great day!

  2. Dave

    Hi Shae!

    Thanks for stopping by! Make sure you vote for Julie’s blog in Patrick’s contest!! he he he (yes, I know you are competing against her and many others!).

    I checked out your blog , good stuff! I’ll have to follow it a bit more as I like your style!

    Good luck with The Option House!


    Dave (aka “the occasional Rev N You blogger”)

  3. LOL! The Battle of the REI Blogs will be fun 🙂 I take pride in my underdog status! Thanks for the comments on the blog – greatly appreciated!

    Looking forward to hearing more about your investing adventures!

  4. Mark

    Just found the blog. Here’s what I read about Ron Legrand from johntreed’s website. I’m a buy cheap, fix up hold RE investor myself.
    Do you agree with this?
    Ron LeGrand

    $9,000 seminars. Gets people to attend live infomercials. I would love to charge $9,000 for a seminar, but I can’t quote such a price and keep a straight face.

    I listened to one of his tapes. It was the same old stuff all the other gurus preach. As is typical of other gurus, LeGrand left out much of the disadvantages of the various techniques. He also struck me as overbearing—which is irrelevant unless you are susceptible to being overly influenced by such people. When I get some time I will list some specifics here.

    One of my readers told me “our distributor (Access) went bankrupt taking our money with them. It turned out that they were purchased by a company that also owned Ron Legrand’s BS factory six months before we took them on as a distributor.”

    Another reader tells me LeGrand says he was once a carnival skeeball concession operator. Why am I not surprised? In general the gurus I do not recommend are salesmen, not real estate guys. Both carnival barkers and the majority of real-estate gurus are salesmen. Real estate investment requires far more than just sales skills. Telling people that you are a real-estate-investment expert, on the other hand, only requires sales skills.

  5. Dave

    Shae – thanks for your comments. And way to compete in the Battle of the REI Blogs! Of course, my lovely wife WON but it’s only because she had all of Canada behind her! 😉

    He he – but seriously, that was great stuff. I hope being in the Battle brings your web presence to another level as you have lots of great things to share. I plan on being a regular visitor of your site to follow your progress!


  6. Dave


    Thanks for sharing your comments (and others comments) on Ron LeGrand. And while I don’t agree with everything that you showed above, I think it comes down to 2 things:

    1 – I myself try never to judge someone without experiencing first what they have to say, sing, act, or share. (I too was a bit skeptical about Ron’s strategies before attending and now feel more comfortable trying them)

    2 – I encourage you to follow our blog going forward to see how our implementations are coming along. I certainly will share the good, the bad, and the ugly of how strategies have worked (or not) for us. This will be firsthand information.

    Hope to see you again soon!


  7. Thanks so much Dave! I’m very happy for Julie…she kicked butt and it was great to see your fans (and all of Canada! LOL!) rally around her. Your singing in the acceptance video was pretty good too 😉

    Thanks for the support and look forward to connecting more! Have a great weekend!

  8. Victor

    Hi There!

    I’m a REIN member seeking more information on Quick Turns ad stumbled across this wonderful blog! I noticed no recent updates, and you mentioned to ask about how the Quick Turns strategies are working or not. So…

    How have the strategies been working out for the two of you?

    Best Regards,

    Victor Pidkowich

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