Top 3 Books Every New Real Estate Investor Should Read

Some girls have shoe fetishes. Others obsess about purses. Some girls love to buy nice tops or fabulous outfits.

Not me. I actually dislike shopping … enormously.

Unless it’s for books.

I LOVE books.

I’ve always been an avid reader … but now that I’m not an employee I find there are so many more ways I can apply what I have read. As an employee, even when I was Vice President and ran a division of the company I worked for, I could never just learn something new and use it. Somebody else had to think it was a good idea and approve it.

Now, I can take what I’ve read and apply it instantly to my real estate investing or online business.

And because I can take what I read, hear or observe and apply it immediately I feel absolutely starved to learn more. And I do … and our real estate investing newsletter readers notice. I often quote from books or review something I’ve read and that leads to a lot of emails asking me about the books I recommend for a new real estate investor … so I tried to answer that question in this video.

In this video I share:

The Top 3 Books Every New Real Estate Investor Should Read

I also share the books I read in September and in the first half of October to give you a sense of WHAT I read …

What books do you think are a must read for every real estate investor?

I’d love to know!! Not that I really need more books to read… the second video shows you the books that are waiting for me to read them. Yes, Amazon loves me. And I love Amazon. My husband Dave on the other hand is not always so pleased to see the brown Amazon box arrive in our house …

Oh … and here are the books that I am going to read next:

Free real estate investing newsletter

Free real estate investing newsletter


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7 responses to “Top 3 Books Every New Real Estate Investor Should Read

  1. qmanrei

    You and I need to do a book exchange 🙂

    Latest book purchases this month:

    -Grow Rich with the Property Cycle by Kieran Trass
    -The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Find Your Hook. Communicate Your Message. Make Your Mark. by Dan S. Kennedy
    -Insiders Guide To Real Estate Hot Spots by Kieran Trass

    I’ve been focusing on the real estate fundamentals using the Trass method.

    • Awesome @qmanrei!! I haven’t heard of Trass… I will check it out. I’ve read Dan Kennedy’s book though and I’ve browsed through the Grow Rich book. Let me know if you like it.

      A book exchange would be good except I sort of also like to collect my books. I write summaries of all the books I read and if it’s a good book I like to keep it to refer to. If it’s only average or less than average I take it to the used book store so I can exchange it for other books!! I am not kidding when I say I have an addiction!! And I just got a rush because Amazon just emailed to say my latest book order has been shipped!! So many books so little time…

      (By the way – I’ve written the article on the 10 Commandments of Negotiating you suggested. It will be posted this week on Patrick Riddle’s blog

  2. Great recommendations, Julie! I haven’t read some of those so I’ll be sure to put them on in the queue as I try to read 2 each month.

    I think The Go-Giver by Bob Burg is a must read (you’d finish it in a few hours) as are The Millionaire Mind, The Power of Focus, and Maximum Achievement.

    I haven’t read a real estate focused book for a couple months now as I seem to pick up so much great stuff online but you picked some goodies.

  3. Dave

    Great post Julie! I have to mostly agree with your choices. I would suggest that Jim Randel’s book: “Confessions of A Real Estate Entrepreneur” was my 2nd favourite behind “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. Oh, and you forgot to mention we had the pleasure of doing a teleseminar with Jim as well! What a great, bright, interesting guy he is! Highly recommend you check out his book and even listen to the teleseminar we had with him.

    Oh, and in Part 2 you mentioned you ordered Sean Stephenson’s book: “Get off your Butt’s”! But you didn’t mention that it was ME that wanted you to order that! So, just for the record, I also like to read, I just take 4 times as long as you do!

    I’ll let everyone know what I think of Sean’s book once I get through it. I am currently reading Garrett Gunderson’s: “Killing Sacred Cows” which is a very interesting read. It completely flips the traditional way of investing (through 401k’s and RRSP’s) on it’s ass and shows how the financial institutions have basically brainwashed us into thinking that’s the best way to invest: “dollar cost averaging”, “compound interest”, “save and wait” and many other terms are all pushed by the institutions. The institutions are CERTAINLY not doing it for our benefit, although they lead us to believe that, they are doing it to continue to encourage us to deposit our funds so that they can pay us a paltry 2, 3, 4% on our money and then turn around and lend it out at 5, 6, 7% interest and at a 12:1 ratio! Anyways, I can go on and on, but this is what Garrett’s book is about. A very interesting read.

    So, get out there and read. Turn off the boob tube, it will rot your brain (as so eloquently put by many of our parents)!


  4. Mark

    Your best book selection is a little weird.
    Kiyosaki is a fraud as is Lindahl.
    Those guys are marketeers slick sales guys not Real Estate guys.
    Better books.
    Millionaire Next Door
    Richest Man in Babylon
    Anything by John T Reed.
    Buffet making of an American Capitalist

  5. Mark, all of your selections are great. I haven’t read much by John T. Reed but I have read your other selections and they are good. But for me, they aren’t the books that resonated with me. They are not the books that changed my path early on. And that is what I was trying to select for new investors.

    But I do believe that everybody will take different things away from different books. My husband would select different books for his list. I know Shae has commented on a few that would be on her list. I don’t believe my list is the be all end all of real estate book lists.

    BUT – I would encourage you (and anybody else) not to get hung up on whether Kiyosaki or Lindahl have been totally honest about their back stories and instead focus on their message and the lessons they teach. There are some fundamental lessons in both books that I recommended that are critical to understand as a new real estate investor. And let’s face it, the fact that Rich Dad didn’t exist makes you respect Kiyosaki less but it doesn’t make the book any less interesting to read.

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