Eenie, Meenie, Minee, Moe Which Real Estate Investing Technique Will Make Me Dough?

With Nick Cifonie of

Real Estate Investing TechniquesNick Cifonie is a long time real estate investor, speaker and mentor. He’s bought and sold millions of dollars worth of single-family homes and multifamily properties and he’s used techniques, you know, all sorts of techniques:

  • bird-dogging,
  • wholesaling,
  • lease options,
  • subject-to transactions,
  • of course your standard buy and hold,
  • seller financing,
  • retail flips,
  • assignments,
  • options,
  • auctions.

And he’s even flipped a property on eBay.

And currently Nick’s the host of the popular online Real Estate Investor TV program. It’s a series and you can find that fun and educational series online at And he was also the moderator for Papa Ron Le Grande’s real estate investing forums and message boards for nearly two years where he helped coach and support Ron’s students.

In this 90 minute call Nick put his heart and soul into entertaining and educating us about the different real estate investing techniques. He went through each of the them, and shared reasons why you might and might not want to use that technique right now. He provided guidance on how to choose them, and he spent lots of time answering questions from people on the call.

In this 10 minute clip you’ll be introduced to Nick Cifonie and you will hear as Nick shares a few very important tips – especially for the new real estate investor.

Listen to the clip here:

Nick Cifonie Real Estate Investing Techniques

You can learn how you can pick up the call replay, transcript and bonus report here:

Find Out More About Nick Cifonies Teleseminar

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