Engage Today: Are You Increasing Your Personal Stock Price?

Engage Today 2009: Day 2

We have a choice in this moment. At every moment we have choices. Are we making good choices?

And more importantly, are you making choices that make your personal stock price go up or down?

Engage Today Dalai LamaThese were some of the thoughts that Garrett Gunderson, author of Killing Sacred Cows shared with us in Day 2 of the Engage Today conference.

Today’s theme was all about contribution. And it was only fitting for a day about contribution to begin with a talk by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Just being in his presence was an incredible feeling of peace and love. His giggle is infectious. The twinkle in his eye lovable. And his message was simple: we need to have compassion for each other. We are all human beings. And if we all have more compassion for each other the world will be more peaceful, joyful, and much less fearful.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the news and media outlets would report on in a world like that …

After His Holiness, Carol Cone spoke about cause branding. Organizations and not for profits around the world are realizing that it not only feels good to align their business with an important cause, it’s profitable and makes good business sense to do so.

Bruce Graham of the Calgary Economic Development committee spoke to the group about Calgary and the efforts of the City to attract, and more importantly retain businesses.

Then we were treated to the talents of Wyland, the famous marine life artist. He became a famous and successful artist. And his contribution to the world is both his enormous murals of marine life and the hope that in looking at those murals we all consider the marine environment and work to preserve it’s natural beauty and life.

Once again, the day felt complete, yet there was more to come.

International speaking legend Les Brown took the stage and wowed us with his inspirational stories and witty remarks. My favourite line was “They say money doesn’t buy happiness but everyone wants to find out for themselves“.

Last on stage was marketing man Eben Pagan who gave us a powerful and compelling challenge. He told us that we are each needed to master something. We all need to create value. And the only way to do that is discover self mastery, create business success and then make a contribution to the world.

Garrett Gunderson Killing Sacred CowsBut before Eben was my favourite speaker of the day (well, next to His Holiness the Dalai Lama but somehow I feel that goes without saying it). That was Garrett Gunderson. And I wish there was a way to clearly explain why I found him so incredible … but it’s not that easy. Perhaps the simplest thing I can do is share a few of his words of wisdom and suggest you read his book. Dave bought it today and I hope he’ll share some wisdom from the book with all of you in the coming weeks.

Words of Wisdom From Garrett Gunderson:

  • Too many of us play small because we’re afraid of what others will think,
  • Many of us are consumers. We take more than we give. Instead we should strive to be a producer and create more value than we take,
  • What you visualize you internalize,
  • Commit to your SOUL purpose – when you commit you will conquer the fear, doubt and worry that stops so many people.

So today, let me leave you with the question that Garrett asked us:

Are you going to contribute more than you take?


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