Use the Right Real Estate Investing Technique for YOU!

Early on as real estate investors our only objective was to find properties we could buy for no money down with tons of cash flow…  And while we always put in a few dollars to the properties here and there, we found some really good ones. One property we bought generated nearly $1000/month in positive cash flow … at least it did at first!

In the end, that property cost us over $20,000. We spent even more in our own time trying to deal with it.

Before we’d bought the property, we didn’t sit down and think about the time, money and energy we were willing and able to invest – and as a result several of the properties we owned didn’t work at all for our lives nor our long term objectives!

That’s why we always tell new real estate investors to think about what they want to do … and make a plan. We suggest they consider the money, the time, the knowledge and energy they have to devote to their investments and plan to buy properties that fit within their lives and their goals.

But, sometimes, a new investor doesn’t really know what types of properties or investment strategies are right for them! And this is where it’s helpful to learn strategies and real estate investing techniques from someone that’s tried them all!

That’s why we’re super excited to get Nick Cifonie on the line on September 23rd.

nickcifonie real estate  investing techniquesNick’s the host of the online t.v. show Real Estate Investor T.V. and long time real estate investor.

Nick’s going to take us through all the different real estate investing techniques from wholesaling to flipping to lease option investing and share his experiences, and his thoughts on how much risk, reward and investment is required for each.

There’s no sales pitch on this call… this is a content only call! And you’re going to learn a lot.

And the two best parts about this call:

  1. Nick is going to hold an UNLIMITED Q&A session at the end of the call. Ask him any real estate investing question you’ve got! He’s going to stay on the line until the callers run out of questions!
  2. Everyone that registers for the call is going to get a copy of Nick’s report called: Eenie, Menie, Minie, Moe: Which Technique Will Make Me Dough?

The call is going to be available through webcast or the telephone … you will receive a link and the call after you register.

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2 responses to “Use the Right Real Estate Investing Technique for YOU!

  1. This surely makes perfect sense to anyone..

  2. That was some interesting read!!!

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