The #1 Secret to Buying $1 Million in Real Estate in Just 12 Months

GiftThanks to real estate investing, I no longer have to work
full-time. If I want to go hiking in the mountains with my dog in
the middle of the day, I can. If Dave and I want to pop up to
Whistler to ski, we do it mid-week to avoid the crowds.

That’s now. But when we were just starting out as real estate
investors, we had some serious missteps. We were fined in court for
fire code violations, a property manager stole rent money, we got
unwanted publicity in a newspaper as “absentee owners of local
crackhouse,” and we lost money on a property in one of the hottest
housing markets in history.

We made some horrible mistakes – but 90 percent of them were
completely preventable.

And today we have a special gift for you … a gift that will help

you buy $1 Million in real estate THIS YEAR and help you avoid so

many of the costly mistakes we made early on.

This gift is a free CD with 2 videos … and in these 2 videos I
reveal the #1 Secret to Buying $1 Million in Rental Property in
just 12 months! And, I give you the simple plan to get it done!

All we ask is that you pay for the shipping costs … and the
videos are yours!!

AND – with this free CD we are going to give you two months free
membership in our 12 Months to $1 Million Club! This club includes
group coaching calls, videos, e-books, special reports, a video
series and so much more! This club is designed to be the ultimate
support network for anyone that is trying to buy $1 Million worth
of real estate in 12 months. After the first 2 months you will be
billed $17 per month IF you wish to continue in the club. But, you
can cancel at any time!

We can’t wait to show you the secret … but you should know … we
only ordered 100 CD’s so order quickly because we know they won’t
last long!!

Order Free CD Here

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