William Lederer Creator of CompleteLandlord.Com on the Phone!

“Have you ever heard anyone talk about the joys of landlording? Probably not, since most of the buzz surrounding the concept of owning properties that others live in revolves around collecting rents, evicting tenants, repairing things broken by residents, and then filling the space when they roll out. What you don’t always hear about are the postiive aspects of landlording, including the financial rewards, the positive rates of return on real estate, and the good feeling that comes from providing housing for others. These positive attributes go a long way in helping property owners overcome the basic challenges of renting out their homes.” –
William A. Lederer, The CompleteLandlord.com Ultimate Landlord Handbook

We’ve never been shy about telling you about our terrible tenants, our nightmares with property managers or our bad choices in properties. We always try to find balance though – sharing those stories equally as often with the fact that we built a net worth of over $1 Million dollars in 7 years, and that some of our properties put as much as $1000 of positive cash flow in our pockets each month. While we focus our blog more on random stories and more personal real estate related events in our lives, we spend most of our time on our website and our newsletter with the intention of helping our readers overcome the challenges that many new real estate investors face.

To that end, we’re really excited to have William Lederer joining us tomorrow evening for a teleseminar. His three books are full of sound and balanced advice, and we know he’s going to be an excellent guest to help you decide if real estate is right for you. And if you’re already sure it is, he is going to help you know how to find and buy the right properties for you AND he’s going to teach you how to add value!

In other words, he’s going to share how to put more money in your pocket EVERY month! 🙂

To get all the details for this call and sign up, please click here:


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