Law of Attraction and Real Estate

Michael Losier Law of AttractionI’ve been super frustrated with the never ending problems we’ve been having with a property we have in Toronto. We spent nearly $10,000 doing the roof, repairing a ceiling, and then painting. It felt good to get the roof fixed and do the repairs to the ceiling but the company I hired has been a nightmare to work with. While doing the work,  the roofers threw a shingle off the roof so hard it actually busted my  neighbour’s window (the houses are only a few feet a part). The roofers never bothered to help our neighbour with the repair, so he did it himself and we just paid him for it. Then, once everything was done, we got a call from our tenants and the ceiling in the one room is leaking again!!It took weeks to get in touch with the company to get them out there. And, even then, they never actually went in the property. They just showed up, jumped on the roof, scared the heck out of our tenant who wasn’t expecting a man on her roof, and left without telling me.

Long story short – the roofer is now telling us it’s the eaves troughs that need replacing. If that is, in fact, true then we have a $3500 bill coming our way plus we have to fix the ceiling AGAIN. This is all happening while my main floor tenant of five years, and long time friend and property manager, is moving out. I am in the middle of finding a new tenant for the main floor and hiring a professional property management company.

I have been so wrapped up swearing about it all that I haven’t even been enjoying the fact that we’re paying 1.45% on our mortgage … and our payments are actually $1000/month less than they were 18 months ago. We have more cashflow on this property each month than ever before – so after a few months I will have all these problems paid for!I started to see the bright side and focus on the good things after doing the exercises in Michael J. Losier’s book called Law of Attraction.

I even found myself smiling as I went through the worksheets. I started to see solutions and figure out how exactly I can turn the situation around. I felt more in control of the situation. That is what a few exercises from his book did – so I really am excited that Tuesday night I’m going to sit down with Michael J. Losier and learn from him directly.

We don’t usually publicly post our Rev N You reader events – but we are so excited about this one that we wanted to invite anyone interested in real estate to sit in. We’re only charging a nominal fee to cover our costs … and there’s still about a dozen spots left on the live call (or you can just order the replay and transcripts) … so please join us!!

I don’t want to give away Michael Losier’s secrets because you will learn them on the call (or from his great book) – but I can tell you that I won’t be wallowing in my problems anymore. Next time I find myself swearing over a property I will use one of the simple tools Michael teaches to turn my thinking and my situation around.


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5 responses to “Law of Attraction and Real Estate

  1. Good Post, a lot of people do not realize that the law of attraction taught in the secret really works if applied properly!

  2. liverealestateinvesting

    The Mind is truly a powerful thing. Your mind can make you feel like you are the king of the world one day and broke the next day. If you can learn to control your mind and your thoughts you can really take yourself to the next level of real estate investing!


  3. Dave

    Thanks Alex,

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. While we don’t have control over other people, their thoughts, and their actions, we certainly have full control of ours. If we wish to be successful, one of the key components of course is to think successful thoughts, be positive and look for the good in things. By not only reacting positively to things, but even better, proactively being positive, will help us immensely. Like everything in life, it’s often easier to just “be” negative but if we push ourselves to be better – we will be better!

  4. Very interesting blog giving the details about real estate law.i did get lots of good points from here. thanks for sharing.

    Phillips & Angley

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