Personal Development and Travels to Austin, Texas

Written on April 17th

Denver airport snowstorm

Denver airport snowstorm

As I write this I am sitting in the Denver international airport, watching the snowstorm, yes, snowstorm blowing outside. The funny part is that here we are in mid-April and it’s been snowing about 10 inches here over the past 24 hours! I am on my way down to meet up with Julie who is in Austin at a Keith Cunningham conference. You see, Julie is not only a teacher and an educator as many of our Rev N You with Real Estate readers can attest, but almost more importantly, she is a student. And even with all the experience we have researching markets, negotiating with Sellers, buying and renting out investment properties, there are still so many things we still need to learn.

I commend Julie for taking part in this two-part, extreme intensive 8 day training conference. She was in Austin 3 months ago for the first 4-day series and now has returned for the 2nd part. This particular conference is about building and growing your business. One of the most interesting parts, from what Julie tells me, is that Keith is not there to give you all the answers – he is there to enable you to pull the answers from within. This is one of the most effective methods of teaching whereby the student is forced – for lack of a better verb – to develop their answer rather than always looking for the teach to spit it out.

When a student asks about a specific problem they are having, he will say “Well, what do you think you should do?“. When the person responds with “I don’t know”, he says “I know YOU don’t know, but if you did know, what would you say?” Or, if that doesn’t work, he will say “If this was your best friends problem, what would you advise your friend to do?

It’s really almost an introspective way of learning whereby you look within yourself to find the answer and find who you (and your business) really are. So, why am I telling you all of this – “GET TO THE PUNCHLINE DAVE!!!” – I am telling you this because I wanted to emphasize just how very very important it is to keep learning, keep reading books, keep asking questions, and keep taking courses, seminars, webinars, teleseminars, finding mentors to help you learn along the way. And, last but not least, keep looking within yourself to find the answers. Because really, who knows you best?

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