Guest Article at Must Know Investing: Finding Real Estate Investing Bargains

The Stanley Cup winner of the  Carnival of Real Estate #131 was an article by Dan Melson called “Confusing Past Performance and the Present Situation with Future Planning“. The article ended with a fabulous summary:

You can always find a good investment if you’ve got the patience. But right now, properties that are going to make someone an awful lot of money when the market normalizes are so thick on the ground that you can’t hardly avoid tripping on them. Furthermore, mortgage rates are near all time lows. The interest cost if you need a loan, or want one so that you can put leverage on your side, is even lower than the base cost in dollars. The time to make a bet that you’re likely to win is when the odds are on your side – while the market is below long term trends. You know it’s going to come back eventually, and as long as you can afford the property, you’re just waiting for the check to arrive.

My husband Dave and I agree with this sentiment.  Now that our real estate investing course (the Real Estate Millionaire: The Essential Starter Course)  is done, we’re refocusing on buying more property. We’re just starting to look for a few new properties (we’re video recording our entire shopping and buying process to share later on) and we’re excited at the opportunities we’re seeing in the market!

Under valued properties that produce neutral or positive cashflow used to be very challenging to find – but now, we’re seeing them everywhere. But, as I discuss in this guest post over at Must Know Investing, they may not be hidden to us simply because we know exactly what we’re looking for.

I’m pleased to once again have an article featured over at Must Know Investing. Check out: How to Find the 6 Hidden Real Estate Investing Bargains, and some of the other great content over at the site.


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3 responses to “Guest Article at Must Know Investing: Finding Real Estate Investing Bargains

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  2. I would like to do some guest posting here about real estate investing especially on how to flip houses.

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