Carnival of Real Estate #131 – Hockey Night in Canada Style!

hockey-playerToday is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. If he were still alive he would be turning 105 today. So, Dr. Seuss was going to be the theme for this carnival – except my husband Dave thought not a lot of people would remember all of his wonderful characters. So, Dave suggested HOCKEY TROPHIES! And, given we’re Canadian, we think that EVERYONE must know about hockey! Enjoy!

There were 36 entries to this week’s Carnival of Real Estate – although I forget if that number includes the one post that was submitted twice or the post on car loans that I received. Anyway – it doesn’t matter! There were some fantastic entries, and once I narrowed it down to the top 11, it was tough. Luckily, I had my husband Dave help me out, and we picked our winners.

We judged the articles based on:

  1. Did we learn something?
  2. Was it an interesting perspective?
  3. Was it entertaining or engaging?

Admittedly, it was pretty easy to score points on number 1. There were 8 or 9 articles about Obama’s first time home buyer tax credit and other bailout programs relevant to real estate. And, as much as we do have a level of awareness of what is going on in real estate in the U.S., we didn’t really know the specifics of these programs. So it was pretty easy to educate us! The rest of the criteria were admittedly subject to our moods and attention spans! But, the good news is Dave and I agreed on all of the trophy winners – we just disagreed about who should get what trophy!

Thank you to everyone that submitted articles – and thanks to the Carnival of Real Estate for allowing me the privilege of hosting the 131st Carnival of Real Estate. Now – for the winners:

The Stanley Cup Winner

Dave, Julie & Lord Stanley at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

Dave, Julie & Lord Stanley at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

Dan Melson presents Confusing Past Performance and the Present Situation with Future Planning posted at Searchlight Crusade.

It’s a bit of work to read this lengthy academic piece – but it’s hard work to win the Stanley Cup too! It’s worth reading – it’s a fantastic discussion of economics and house prices and in what has been called a crisis of confidence, it’s thought provoking and sensible message is one I found refreshing! Dan’s presentation of the facts and the conclusion that now is a great time to find deals in the market and return to the “real” way of making money in real estate is a definite slapshot hitting the net! Real Estate is not for speculation – buy good property that makes enough revenue to carry it’s costs, and hold onto it for the long term and you will make a lot of money. Dan concludes with “The time to make a bet that you’re likely to win is when the odds are on your side – while the market is below long term trends. You know it’s going to come back eventually, and as long as you can afford the property, you’re just waiting for the check to arrive.”

Conn Smythe Trophy (MVP of the Stanley Cup Playoffs)

Dan Green presents Fannie Mae Rescinds 4-Property Maximum : Up To 10 Properties Allowed For “Bona Fide” Real Estate Investors posted at The Mortgage Reports.

This easy to read article was really fascinating to us, as real estate investors. It took a really good look at the criteria of what Fannie Mae considers a high credit, bona fide experienced real estate investor, that would qualify for the newly adjusted maximum of financing for 10 properties (instead of 4).

Hart Memorial Trophy Winner (MVP of the Regular Season)

Wenchypoo presents An Interesting Day Today posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket. Of course the name “Wenchypoo” was entertaining and engaging all by itself, nevermind the article! However, this super short article is a perspective on foreclosures that we rarely hear! As everyone chases foresclosues in what seems like a pursuit of easy deals – this author went and saw some of these supposed deals and has an interesting conclusion.

Vezina Trophy (Best Goalie of Regular Season)

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Obama’s Foreclosure Bailout Plan: Should There Be Help For Homeowners? posted at The Digerati Life.

It was easy for us to relate to the torn feelings of this blogger, and the contrasting perspectives of the bailout plan were very well presented. When you look at our criteria, this article was informative, engaging and interesting so this article had to be in our trophy winners!

The Lester B. Pearson Award (presented to the player who is voted to be the most outstanding player by his peers)

Barry Wolfert presents 10 Tips for First Time Home Buyers | North Atlanta Real Estate Voice posted at North Atlanta Real Estate Voice.

Simple, informative and useful – we thought this was a great overview of things a first time home buyer in the U.S. should consider.

Lady Byng Memorial Trophy (most sportsmanlike)

Patrick Duffy presents A housing recovery must first start with land values posted at The Housing Chronicles Blog.

Good article that makes a very important point about the value of land and real estate property values. And, how buying a piece of land for development should start with good market analysis and objective setting not just an attractive little parcel of land.

hockey-player-2Honorable Mentions:

The following articles met our three criteria as well, and are all worthy of mention (in no particular order):
Joe Manausa presents First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit | Tallahassee Real Estate Blog posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog.

Diane Tuman presents Cave House for Sale in Festus, MO posted at Zillow Blog.

Pinyo presents Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage Early? posted at Moolanomy.

Rod Herman presents Do You Know Which First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit You Really Qualify For? posted at

Cece Blase presents Tips for Bidding on Foreclosed Properties in San Francisco posted at sf real estate buzz.

That’s it for this week’s Carnival of Real Estate.

If you want to submit a post for the Carnival of Real Estate 132 being hosted by For Sale By Locals you can submit here.  For information on hosting an upcoming carnival head on over to the Carnival of Real Estate website.


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11 responses to “Carnival of Real Estate #131 – Hockey Night in Canada Style!

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  2. Thanks for the Honorable Mention and for taking the time to read through 36 blog posts. Sounds like you know more about the Stimulus Plan now than you did a few days ago. Glad I could contribute in some small way to that learning curve.

    Nice to see the hockey tie-in; naturally not as big down here as it is up north, but the Bay Area has a little hockey fever these days, thanks to the Sharks being the only local major league sports team with a winning record.

    Happy Birthday Dr. Geisel !! (Theodor Geisel…known more for his middle name: Suess. I only knew that because the library at UC San Diego, where my daughter went to college is named after Geisel).

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  4. Thanks for all. This is very very good

  5. Thanks @Rod – I am happy to find someone who would have appreciated my Dr. Seuss tribute! Did you know that Dr. Seuss also wrote a book under the name Rosetta Stone?? 🙂
    We feel like experts on the US stimulus plan now – your article was full of great information.

    @prefabrik – thanks for stopping by!

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  7. Awesome theme for a very informative carnival. I’m honored to have been able to participate! 🙂 Thanks very much for this edition.

  8. @ The Digerati Life – Thanks for stopping by and for participating in the carnival. We really enjoyed your post.

  9. This is ver good. Nice..

  10. Thanks for the great information, it was very helpful.

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