Third Place in this week’s Carnival of Real Estate

This post could also be called asleep at the wheel! Julie always tells me when our articles appear in places other than on our own website and blog. With her away and not in front of her computer constantly, we both nearly missed the fact that this week’s Carnival of Real Estate hosted by The Laguna Niguel Real Estate Finder had awarded us 3rd place. Thank goodness Julie is home again!! Not only is she walking the dog in the morning again, but she’s also pointing these important things out to me!

We’re honoured to be mentioned, and we’re absolutely thrilled to be awarded one of the top places! Check out this week’s carnival of real estate and you will see all of the other great submissions that were sent in!

Special thanks to Lisa Cooper at The Laguna Niguel Real Estate Finder for hosting this week’s carnival and recognizing and appreciating our work!

For more information on upcoming carnivals go to the Carnival of Real Estate website.


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3 responses to “Third Place in this week’s Carnival of Real Estate

  1. Thanks for email news letter I enjoy reading and learning about realestate & buying & selling, the REV N YOU SITE is great very informal & in firmational, Looking for a answer to a question I had about short sales, I heard there was some changes made in the process of the paperwork & forums, and this started in 2009 is this true and what are they.


  2. Thanks @timothy – we’re really pleased to hear that you’re enjoying our newsletter and our website.

    About short sales…we aren’t short sale experts and I’m not up to date on any changes. I will check with Dave later to see if he is, but I suspect he’s not.

    Perhaps someone else passing by our blog is and can give you some help or another link to check out??

    Thanks again for stopping by and for commenting!!

  3. @Timothy – here’s an article on short sales. Maybe Patrick Riddle who runs this blog is someone that might be able to answer your short sale questions:

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