Real Estate Mash Ups to Check Out

There are so many fantastic resources hitting the web these days. We’ve talked about a few of the ones we’re excited about in past blog posts. What Customers Say is one website we’re looking forward to having all across Canada. But, it’s not a mash up. It’s a forum where people can write reviews about their real estate agents. Simply stated, a mash up is when data from one place is mashed with a program or data from another. There are dozens of google map mash ups. One of the ones we like is Housing Maps – mashing Craigslist rental data with Google Maps. But, recently we read of a different tool that is better called MapsKreig. Julie wrote about this tool, and why a real estate investor would use it, in a recent article for the health, wealth and wisdom e-zine Early to Rise. You can check out her article called The Ultimate Real Estate Match Up here.

We’ll probably write more on this later, but for now,  here’s some tools you may or may not have heard of that are well worth a look.

  • Brand new Canadian tool for house hunting.
  • U.S. Real Estate Community and Search  Tool with Google Maps.
  •  U.S. map-based real estate search engine, listing homes for sale, apartments, condos, and rental houses. It also has a buy vs. rent calculator in case you’re interested!
  • Toronto, Canada Re/Max sponsored website for searching for Toronto Condos. I really like the Top Ten list they have for searching for condos.
  • U.S. site we use all of the time. It has listing, comps and maps all in one place plus stats and other number goodness that I love. I really wish we had something like this in Canada.
  • An Italian site that seems to be ahead of even my favourite site Trulia. Check this one out just for fun. It’s a real estate application using Google Maps with live completion geocoding, google earth integration, starrable posts, RSS feeds, lightboxed images, and YouTube videos.

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2 responses to “Real Estate Mash Ups to Check Out

  1. wc

    Have you tried ? It seems to be missing cool extras like comps and stats, but it does allow you to search by map or neighbourhood name.

    • OH!!! I have seen that one before but we did not have it bookmarked!! Thank you!! I will play around with it tomorrow. I do like the neighbourhood search feature. I also like that it has all of North America. I will be interested to see just how many properties it has listed in it though.

      One Dave didn’t include (it’s Julie responding here) that I like is – it’s only Toronto based but I like that it allows neighbourhood searches and shows schools and shopping. It’s not perfectly accurate, but it is a good little mash up tool as well.

      Thanks @wc! By the way, I saw your blog post today about Nortel. It’s true what you said about them being Canada’s gem at one point, and now they are bankrupt, with nobody stepping in to bail them out! Good post.

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