Top 8 Real Estate Articles of 2008

As we wind down 2008 and get ready for 2009, are you making plans for a better future or are you curled up on your couch hiding under a blanket waiting for the storm to pass?? While you’re contemplating the answer here’s a short list of my favourite blog posts/articles of 2008.

Of course, this is based on my totally biased and selective memory. In other words, these are the articles that stood out in my mind when I thought of the ones I liked the best. I didn’t do extensive research… just an hour of contemplation as I wrote. It shouldn’t surprise you then, that  a couple of them are my own and that most of the articles are from December. 🙂 Hey – I’m not perfect!

In no particular order here are my picks for the Top 8 Real Estate Related Articles of 2008:

1.Year of the Deals – Outlook 2009: Bold buyers will find “screaming deals” as B.C. housing prices crater over the next year

by Frank O’brien for the Western Investor

Great summary of the B.C. housing market, with a variety of sources and perspectives sourced. And, it ends with some good advice “Don’t worry,” Jurock said. “The best deals come in down markets. On the way up, risk increases every day. On the way down, it decreases every day.”

2. What Every Real Estate Investor Should Know About Timing the Market

by Julie Broad for

Ok – so it’s my article, but since everyone always asks Dave and I whether now is a good time to buy real estate, I think it’s a good article to refer everyone interested in real estate to! Besides, MustKnowInvesting is a great website for real estate investors.  In fact, my next favourite article of 2008 is also from this same blog.

3. What are Real Estate Market Indicators and How do You Use Them?

by Trevor Mauch of REIBrain

In this post, Trevor hits on many of the key indicators for knowing whether the area you are looking at is going to take good care of your money. Real estate investing really is local. It’s impacted by global, national and local events, but when you buy a property, your biggest concerns should be based on that area, the properties around it, and whether your money will grow there over time. “True investors don’t just make an investment or enter a new area on a hunch… they do it because they see strong indicators for future growth based on hard facts and history.”

4. 5 Things You Do Not Want to Find in Your Home Inspection

by ThinkTomDotCom

This video – and it’s one of my favourites from ThinkTomDotCom – gives a great overview of problems you might find in a home inspection. It’s entertaining and educational. I had never heard of silverfish before this video! Of course, there are other things I would be watching out for in a home inspection, but this was much more fun than reading an article about an inspection.

5. Richard Branson on taking big leaps

From the November 13, 2008 Globe and Mail

Admittedly, I am all about Richard Branson at the moment because I’ve been reading his book Screw it! Let’s Do it! and am absolutely intrigued by this man. He’s crazy and brilliant all at the same time! And, no, this article doesn’t really have anything to do with real estate but I think that real estate investing in 2008 and in 2009 requires a bit of bravery and belief… both things that he has in abundance. From the article he says: “I don’t always know that a great idea will be successful, but one thing I do know is that I’m not afraid to try. ”

6. The Evolving Credit Market

from the blog Mortgage Broker News

I read this blog every day for the latest on interest rates, mortgage trends and lending information in Canada. For Canadian real estate investors, it’s a perfect place to keep up to date in a few seconds on what is happening with the latest mortgage products, the lenders and the mortgage industry in general. This post, in particular, is a very detailed summary of a mortgage brokers conference held here in Vancouver. From the post “On Monday, CAAMP hosted a lender panel that provided some interesting forecasts.  It also explained where Canada’s mortgage industry is at today.”

7. The Real Estate Investing Course You Shouldn’t Take

by Dave Peniuk written for

Yep – another selection based on my own personal bias – but this article that Dave wrote really summarizes whey we started writing about our real estate investing in the first place AND hopefully acts as a word of warning to anyone thinking of signing up for real estate investing courses. We do not regret the investments we’ve made in our real estate education, but there are things we would have done differently! From the article “So you found a course that meets your objectives, you met some great people and you’re now armed with some tools and tricks to start building your real estate portfolio. Here’s the key to making your course work for you: Get off your butt and use what you learned!”

8. 5 Great Sites to Help You Better Understand the Market

by Joe Burslem for Future of Real Estate Marketing

I saw bigger lists and I saw ones with better tools – but I can’t keep my attention focused on a gigantic list long enough to find what would be useful to me. This simple list of 5 with screen captures and summaries of each website really did the trick for me and it’s bookmarked and I go back to it on a semi-regular basis. Short lists are good… at least for me.

In the spirit of short lists… here also are the articles in our blog that you liked this most this year.

The Top 8 Blog Posts of 2008 from Life as Real Estate Investors:

1. Buying a Timeshare in South Beach – Is it a Good Real Estate Investment?

2. It Doesn’t Matter What You Paid For It – What’s It Worth Today?

3. Looking to the 2010 Olympics: Buying a Condo in Whistler

4. Rent Control – The Landlord’s Enemy

5. 5% Down and 35 Year Amortization Now the Max In Canada

6. Real Estate Renovations

7. Real  Estate Investing in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

8. All Landlord’s are Greedy, Selfish and Lazy

Happy New Year – Wishing you the Best of Success and Happiness in 2009.


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3 responses to “Top 8 Real Estate Articles of 2008

  1. Chewy

    Thanks for all of the great no nonsense practical information you put together in the past year. You seem to address topics of immediate interest on investing. We look forward to even more in 2009! Happy New Year!!

  2. @Chewy – thanks for stopping in and for the compliment!!

    We wish you the best of success in 2009.

  3. I like this website and specifically this list of hot articles of 2008

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