Real Estate Myths

Think you should buy the ugly house on a good street? Or, perhaps, you think that real estate always goes up in value if you wait long enough… Or, maybe you believe the real estate investing guru’s when they say you don’t need any money to invest in real estate?

In my latest guest post, I bust open the seven biggest real estate investing myths, and explain why they are not true. Check it out over at this great Canadian blog Million Dollar Journey by Frugal Trader.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having a safe and wonderful holiday week.

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2 responses to “Real Estate Myths

  1. This is a great time to buy Real Estate with all of the foreclosures. Never before have we had the wonderful opportunites to purchase Real Estate at such remarkable prices.

  2. Very true Cashflow Cindy! Although you are probably seeing more opportunities in the U.S. than we are in Canada presently, but by all means the deals are out there. A little digging and you can find great real estate deals in every market!

    Best of 2009 to you!


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