Parade of New Homes… Continued

In our last post, I shared some pictures of our visit to Intracorp’s Glenmore at Morgan Heights townhome development. In this post, I want to share with you pictures from my favourite home…and a few other random photos from the day.

As judged by me, and with no scientific reasons behind the award…

THE AWARD FOR BEST SHOW HOME goes to Wallmark Homes at Morgan Heights.

So, what makes this home so special? Well, as much as I loved the decor and functionality of the Intracorp’s townhomes, the Wallmark Home is pretty much a custom home. They build these houses FOR YOU! And, they had, hands down, THE best salesperson of all of the homes we visited that day (I think we went to a total of 8 different builders show centers). Brad was friendly and informative, and sold me on Wallmark! He clearly loves the product he’s selling. When he said they had great customer service, I believed him. They obviously spent quite a bit of time finding and training their salesperson.

He couldn’t sell me on living all the way out in Surrey, but he assured me that if we found a lot in our area, Wallmark would build on it.

So, what’s so great about Wallmark? Well… first of all… they had one of the ONLY bath tubs that I liked!

My FIRST requirement for any bathtub is that I can actually fit in it. CHECK - Wallmark you were the ONLY one of the day.

My FIRST requirement for any bathtub is that I can actually fit in it. CHECK - Wallmark, you had the best bath tub of the day!

Second, according to Brad, when you buy a Wallmark Home you will get your own interior design consultant and she will work with you every step of the way to ensure your home is built to suit you. She will walk you through the colour, the finishings and design of the home. And, this is done as part of their home cost!

Dave had no problem envisioning himself at the BBQ in the backyard

Dave had no problem envisioning himself at the BBQ in the backyard

And the third reason I loved Wallmark was their attention and focus on a better and more sustainable living environment. The floors were made of bamboo. The carpets were made of recycled pop bottles. The cabinets are made of wood, not pressed wood, and do not have the toxic emissions that many cabinets have. The list was long of the things they have done to be more environmentally friendly and less toxic. Interestingly, Wallmark was the only builder that mentioned any environmental initiatives to us. A few had some signs up about the heating pumps and energy efficient features, but nobody talked about toxic air or environmental impact except Brad. It’s a big selling point for us.

Wallmark was beside a few homes that were clearly less prepared for the traffic from the Parade of Homes. Some of the sales people we met were clearly inconvenienced by our presence. One woman didn’t even make the effort to get up to greet us. Her email was much more pressing…she grunted a hello and let us wander through the home. Another was totally unaware of the Parade of Homes! Sure, her home was not in the Parade, but she was in a cluster of show homes with Wallmark, so you’d think she would have known! She tried to tell us the Parade was an old promotion… but we showed her the magazine that clearly indicated that it had begun on Saturday! OOPS! So, Brad was good, but his competitors helped him look even better!

Wine Cellar... can't remember which builder had this in their basement but we had some fun with it.

Wine Cellar... can't recall which home this was in but it was fun!

Some of the themes for the rooms were over the top!

Some of the themes for the rooms were over the top!

Dave's Winner for Exterior Design Goes to Vinterra

Dave's pick for exterior design goes to Vinterra

Vinterra was not part of the Parade of Homes, but when we drove by Dave was instantly intrigued by their style. We went in, and met the second best salesperson of the day. I didn’t catch her name, but she toured us around the homes they had open. She also took the time to explain the area to us, and what new stores and amenities were coming (including a lovely park where our dog Bram could play!).

I could write an entirely different post about how to sell to new home customer…some of these sites did a great job, but some of them did a very poor job. But, I can’t imagine a ton of people would be busting to read about that… so I think that is it for this year’s Parade of Homes.

There is still 4 days left in the Parade. I highly recommend you get out there and check it out… even if you aren’t shopping for a home right now! Details on the Parade of New Homes can be found here.

If you want to learn more about Wallmark check out their website at: or go and see their show home in Surrey at 2589 – 164 Street, South Surrey.

(And no, I am not making any money off of referals or from sending traffic there… it was just a quality home customized to your needs with respect shown to the environment! And one fantastic bath tub!! Who could ask for more?) 🙂


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2 responses to “Parade of New Homes… Continued

  1. Jeff

    what are your thoughts on buying a new home as an investment? it seems to me that a home like this would be tough to make money on… or were you just there for fun and to look for your own places?

  2. @ Jeff, thanks for your comment! We were just there for fun. We often spend our weekends wandering into a few open houses or show homes just to stay on top of the market. In general, in Vancouver, it’s pretty much impossible to make a new single family home cashflow (as the rents are much too low to pay the costs unless you put down a gigantic down payment) so it’s not something we would seriously look at for an investment right now. But, it’s great to see decor trends, and just get a sense of home values… etc…

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