Parade of New Homes in Greater Vancouver

I’m not sure what you spent your Saturday doing, but I am pretty sure you didn’t do what we did!

We started the day off with a nice run around Rice Lake in North Vancouver, then we got ourselves cleaned up, hit Starbucks and drove out to Surrey to meet with Cindy Faulkner of Meridian Coastal Mortgages. We spent a few hours with her discussing:

  • The changes to variable rate mortgages in Canada
  • What impact the removal of $0 down mortgages and 40 year amortizations will have on her business and mortgages in general
  • The financing options for a Canadian buying real estate in the U.S., and for Americans interested in buying a nice vacation rental in Canada
  • And, our biggest market related questions.

The mortgage market has changed dramatically in less than a  few weeks so it was great to get our heads wrapped around what has happened.

It was a fantastic interview, and we will be posting the sound bites and sending some of the script out to our Rev N You with Real Estate readers this week.

If you are a Canadian, and you invest in residential real estate, you won’t want to miss this fantastic and timely market update on the changing mortgage market! Make sure you’re on the Rev N You with Real Estate Newsletter List!

After meeting with Cindy, we drove into South Surrey, and took in a ton of show homes, in the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association’s Parade of New Homes.

It’s only on until October 26th, so get out there and check it out!! We had a blast. In fact, we had so much fun in each show home we didn’t get to see nearly as many homes as we wanted because we ran out of time. Check out some highlights from our home tours:

First Stop, Intracorp’s Townhomes in the Glenmore at Morgan Heights development.

These are townhomes priced very reasonably (ok, everything seems cheap in Surrey compared to what we paid for our place in Burnaby) starting at $329,000. Each townhome had a theme… one appealed to a family, another to a retired couple, and then there was even one that appealed directly to us:

Intracorp Townhome

Parade of New Homes: Intracorp Townhome

When you walked in the door, it had a great little gym off to the left. Dave and I both gave this balancing thing a try. Thankfully Dave took this photo at the EXACT second that I found my balance…right before I fell off!! 🙂

The garage of my dreams... place for kayaks and bikes

Intracorp Townhome: The garage of my dreams... place for kayaks and bikes

And the rest of the place was very comfortably decorated (with pictures of races everywhere… and they even had a dog bed and dog food out! Did they KNOW we were coming??).

Sellers beware! Dave snoops in EVERYTHING! But, inside this cupboard protein powder, dog treats...

Sellers beware! Dave snoops in EVERYTHING! Daves says "Look Julie they have protein powder and dog treats..."

Intracorp did a great job helping us envision ourselves living here. They were selling to US!

I'm not kidding -  Dave looks in EVERYTHING! Turns out this is a bed. Very cool use of space.

I am not kidding - Dave looks in EVERYTHING! Turns out this is a bed. Very cool use of space.

From there we moved on to the single family detached homes in Morgan Heights… but it’s sunny out here today, and that just isn’t common in October, so we’re going to hit the North Shore to ride for a few hours. I will post the rest of our parading around the new homes in Surrey later today or tomorrow night!!

Let us know if you check out the Parade of New Homes put on by the GVHBA! It’s really worth your time… they put so much effort into decorating and designing these show homes. Even if you aren’t shopping for a new place to live you can get great new ideas for your own home and just see what the latest trends are! Or, you can just check back here and see what other goodies we found in the homes!!

Thanks for stopping by!


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3 responses to “Parade of New Homes in Greater Vancouver

  1. Rab

    Looks like a place for the young and active not the old and retiring.

  2. @ RAB – yes this one spoke to us as a very active couple in our 30’s, but they did have a lovely townhome decorated for a retiree couple. It was focused on someone with a green thumb. The other one was nicely decorated for a family. I will post more pictures tonight from some of the other homes.

    Thanks for stopping in.

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