Adventures in…Muddy Racing

I’ve been trying to come up with some clever way to tie real estate into our latest little adventure race, but I really can’t! So this post is really just for fun…

We are getting ready for this weekend’s MOMAR race in Cumberland and used the Mud N Bud race on the weekend as a nice little warm up. One of our fellow racers commented that the Mud N Bud race takes less time to finish than the kayak leg of the MOMAR race. So as you’re enjoying your waffles or Cheerios Saturday morning think of us kayking, running, mountain biking and orienteering our way around cumberland. Hopefully, without the assistance of search and rescue!! 🙂 And hopefully not in the pouring rain or gusting winds!

So here’s our Mud N Bud photo gallery. Thanks to Leah’s friend Audrey for taking these great pictures!

Start of 2008 Mud N Bud... Dave's on the Orange Bike in Front

GO!! Dave's on the orange bike



It's Called Mud N Bud for a Reason

It's Mud N Bud for a reason

It's all over but the clean up

It's all over but the clean up

This is a picture of our MOMAR team – Team Four Play. Chris, Leah, Dave & Julie. Missing from this photo is our honorary team member Kari who will be taking care of our dogs, taking pictures and cheering us on at Momar this weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and indulging me in this diversion from real estate! But – I did just finish writing a great article for our newsletter that you might not want to miss.

It’s all about the ONE thing you should be doing as a real estate investor. Any idea what that is? You should do it at least annually…If you want to see if you’re right, make sure you’re on the Rev N You newsletter e-mail list! The article will come out on October 1st, 2008.

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