Top 7 Websites and Blogs Read by this Broad

I went on an information diet after reading the book 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. I stopped reading the paper – it depressed me anyway. We canceled our cable t.v. – we don’t really watch t.v. anyway so why not save $30/month?

Now, I only get my news from select sources online. But, I’ve discovered that there are SO MANY great websites, blogs and newsletters out there that this Information Diet is not a fast. Instead, it’s like a diet full of fibre, protein and good natural vitamin packed foods. I’ve ditched the sugars and refined carbs (the bear shootings, murders, drug busts and other news that I don’t need to read about in detail), and it’s all about information goodness!!

But I am feeling a little full lately… so many good information sources out there! So many in fact I’ve had to do a information purge and remove some sites from my RSS feeds and cancel some of my newsletter subscriptions. I have about 30 sources left…not all are daily news sources or blogs, so I think it’s probably a good list right now.

Of those 30, here are my first read every day, my Top 7 Sources for News on the Internet:

  1. RENX: It’s a news feed of everything related to Canadian Real Estate. I get their newsletters and have it on my RSS Feeds. I scan it to make sure I never miss an important piece of news from the papers and media.
  2. Early To Rise: I get the daily newsletter in my inbox everyday and often check out their website to comment on the articles or read other comments. There isn’t a better source of health, wealth and motivation tips on the net in my opinion. But I must disclose, I am also biased because they’ve published a few of my articles.
  3. Canadian Mortgage News: This one’s only been on my RSS feeds for a month, but they have great articles for home buyers or anyone that has to refinance. They do a great job of staying relevant and very current.
  4. Move Smartly: A Toronto based blog that has a lot of interesting pieces related to Canadian real estate and Toronto specifically. Everything from University Studies on home prices, to bylaws to other media articles are discussed on this blog.
  5. Discovering the Secrets of Vancouver: This is one of the only Vancouver blogs I actually enjoy these days. So many of the other blogs are written by realtors full of hate for the market and the world. Or even if the blog itself has good content, the commenters that are active on the blog ruin it. This one always has relevant and interesting posts. I just like reading it.
  6. Tim Ferriss’s Blog:Never a dull moment or a lame post on this blog. Crazy ideas and thoughts for making your life better, different and definitely fulfilling. I DARE you to try this idea: Real Mind Control: The 21 Day No Complaint Experiment. We’re only a few weeks away from the Long Course Momar Adventure Race in Cumberland, BC so there’s no way I will take on this experiment now. I couldn’t imagine trying to tough it out through the bike leg…where we’re sure to be hiking the bike up some giant hills…and not be able to complain and curse! But maybe, post race, I will take on the challenge!! If you take it on – please let me know how it goes!
  7. Zillow Blog: I admit – choosing number 7 was tough. It’s almost a tie between Zillow’s blog and the Future of Real Estate Marketing. Both websites have a lot of cool posts about the latest and greatest gadgets or websites where technology meets real estate. Zillow only won because the Future of Real Estate Marketing is very geared towards the real estate web portals of the world – which I find cool and interesting but not super relevant to me in the real estate investing space I’m active in.

AND, I must give special mention to my Mom’s Blog… where I also make some posts! I love her stories and comments about the different guests they have at their Bed and Breakfast. She also has some funny kitchen stories. I enjoy it because it’s my Mom, but her blog is pretty darn popular so I know I am not the only one that likes to read it!

Do you read or write a great blog? Please tell us about it… I just did a fall cleaning of my RSS feeds so I have room!! The more the merrier right?? 🙂



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4 responses to “Top 7 Websites and Blogs Read by this Broad

  1. Darn Julie, I sure wish you would have made it the “Top 8 Web Sites….” I’m sure you would have picked mine :). If you ever get bored and want charts, graphs, and analysis of the real estate market, check out my blog at

  2. @Joe – I am a regular reader of your Blog! Thanks for stopping in and sharing your website with everyone here.

  3. Kay

    Thanks for the tip about early to rise, I love that site. I’m new to blogging, but I feel like I’ve discovered a new solar system.

  4. 上に挙げた「型」を覚えて、置かれた状況に合った応答を選ぶだけで、十分漏れのない情報交換ができるはずです。 kappa ダウンジャケット

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