Buying a Home in 2015

Buying a Home in the Future - It's Coming Up Quick!

Buying a Home in the Future

Home buying is going to get a lot more interesting in the future. Just imagine typing in the address of the home you are considering purchasing and in one single website learning:

  • There are three houses on that block that have been flagged as rotten neighbours because of trash in their yard, loud parties or regular police visits,
  • There’s a proposal for a new Wal-Mart in the area, or that there’s a local restaurant that just won an award – basically in one quick search you will have access to all the latest news and blogs about that area,
  • Who else is looking to buy in your area, and what other people are saying to them about house hunting in your prospective block. Are there good schools in that area? Do you have easy access to public transportation? No real estate agents involved… just people helping people with their searches.
  • A good estimate of what your prospective property is worth, and what other houses in the area are worth,
  • And of course, listings of other properties in the area to peruse.

There are so many fantastic websites popping up everyday – in a few years someone (Google perhaps?) is going to sit down and do a mashup of the best sites and make the ultimate home buyers shopping site!


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3 responses to “Buying a Home in 2015

  1. Bringing all of this information together would be such an interesting site for home buyers, tenants and landlords alike. Deciding what is and isn’t a good area or building is always a roll of the dice after you have done your due diligence and your initial impressions are done.

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  3. @ Annesoceanfront – as always thank you for your comments!

    @ Sun Valley Resort – thank you! I have never heard of so I will check it out. We look forward to having you stop in again.

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