Momar Adventure Race Around the Corner

Dave & Julie Crossing the Finish Line at the '08 ALS Adventure Race

Dave & Julie Crossing the Finish Line at the '08 ALS Adventure Race

When I think there is something I would like to do, I don’t sit around talking about it for years. I rarely research it to death or waste a lot of time thinking of excuses why I can’t/won’t/shouldn’t do it. I typically think I would like to do something, then decide if I am going to do it. Once the decision is made I get enough information to make a plan, I set my goals (which always include a date and a measurable way of knowing I achieved my goal), and then I get to it.

That’s how I got into Adventure Racing this year. It all happened at the Muddy Buddy Race in September ’07 (now called Mud N Bud in Vancouver). It was a 10km run/bike race with a teammate. Dave and I did it together, and I had a blast. I loved that is was a team event with obstacles and challenges at the checkpoints and I enjoyed training so much more with the race as a goal. When the race coordinators mentioned the MOMAR race, I asked around about it, and decided that it was something I would like to sign up for.

Dave and Julie (and Bram) after Muddy Buddy Vancouver '07

Dave and Julie (and Bram) after Muddy Buddy Vancouver '07

MOMAR stands for Mind over Mountain Adventure Race. It’s a grueling “short” adventure race consisting of about 10km of kayaking, 25km of mountain biking, 10 -15km of trail running mixed in with orienteering, bushwhacking and mystery challenges. When we signed up that is about all we really knew about it. Lucky for me, Dave was interested and agreed to do it!! And, our friend Chris wanted to do a race with us as well. I had a team, so I couldn’t worry about the fact that I couldn’t kayak or mountain bike, I just had to start figuring out how I was going to get good enough for the race.

Honestly if Dave and I had stopped to think about this plan, we’d have come up with 100 reasons why we should not do MOMAR races this year. Not the least of which was that I didn’t know how to ride a mountain bike on single track downhill. But we didn’t make excuses. We just set out to planning a course of action to achieve our new goal (which the big goal we are working towards is to successfully complete the long course MOMAR in Cumberland at the end of September with our teammates Chris Nicholson and Leah Montgomery – GO TEAM FOUR PLAY).

I find that most people are really good at coming up with excuses why they can’t do something. Most people have grand dreams and many even have great ideas. But, so few of these people ever act on those dreams or those ideas. I can take it back to our real estate experiences, as we’ve had so many people tell us that they would love to invest in real estate…someday. Or they would buy a property, but…. And honestly, their excuses are good. Some have even done elaborate market analysis, or studied their returns in stocks versus what they think they would get with a property. They have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about all the reasons why they can’t do it. Imagine their results if they had just put that energy into finding a way to do it?!!

Julie's first Single Track Mountain Bike Ride Ever on Seymour Mountain

Julie's first Single Track Mountain Bike Ride Ever on Seymour Mountain

We have bought real estate at so many points in our life that we know there aren’t too many good reasons why you actually can’t buy real estate (Want to see how we did our deals – check out our newsletter on the 11 properties we bought in five years). Sometimes it means you have to get a partner, or you have to find someone who will give you a VTB loan (Vendor Take Back), or sometimes it means you have to look that much harder to find a deal that works for you. It’s not always easy, but if it were too easy everyone would do it and it wouldn’t be profitable.

My point of this is, if there is something you want to do, whether it’s an Adventure Race, losing 5lbs, getting a new job or buying a house, stop finding the reasons why you can’t do it and start figuring out how to do it.

So as we’re racing around Shawnigan Lake this weekend for the MOMAR Cowichan Short Course Race, and I am cursing the day I ever thought riding my mountain bike down trails in a race was a good idea, I will stop that thought and congratulate myself for progress. This time last year, I had not ridden a bike in over 5 years. And this time last year, I’d never had my bike on a mountain. Thankfully I didn’t think of either of these problems when I signed up. I just focused on what I wanted to accomplish.

So, what do you want to accomplish? Write it down with a date beside it, and make your plans!! When the reasons why you can’t do it pop in your mind squish them and just focus on how you are going to get to your goal by the date you’ve set. Good luck!! We’ll be back on Monday with a race report.


Oh, and the little commercial property Dave told you about a few days ago. We put an offer in but a competing bid won over ours. Unless they have all cash to buy the property there is a good chance they won’t get financing and we may just get another crack at buying it. It’s ok if we don’t because we’re already looking for the next deal.


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2 responses to “Momar Adventure Race Around the Corner

  1. Dave

    Julie is very good about making plans and setting and achieving goals! In our 8 years of being together I have accomplished so much more because of her – and am thankful for it.

    Maybe you have someone in your life that is the planner or goal setter. If you have trouble setting things up yourself, maybe lean on them to help you out! There are also numerous programs out there that can help – or just ask Julie!

  2. We went to the race today and watched the many MOMAR participants completing the course. Congratulations to each of them. They must each be proud and have a real sense of accomplishment. Every one is a winner whether solo or as a team of two or four. They came in cut. muddy, limping, wet, sweating and smiling from ear to ear. Congratulations Julie & Dave!

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